Update 2 May 22 by Silver Dove
Energy Update: The Spell

On Saturday I made a Q&A video about the topic of love and want to add here something that I mentioned briefly.
If you have not seen it yet, you can watch the video here:

Our language that we speak is a spell. We have to aware that all sound that we use has a certain frequency and is part how we manifest our life. In modern languages the word “love” has many meanings the way it’s being used and therefore has not the power that is behind the energy of love – the unconditional divine love that in Greek is Agape.

I want to recap quickly the different kind of “love” for better understanding:
Eros: romantic, passionate love, fertility, pleasure, lust

Philia: friendship, affectionate love
Agape: unconditional love, selfless, universal love

Philautia: self love, self acceptance, if you want to love others, you have to love yourself first.
Storge: family love, the love between family members and relatives
Ludus: playful love, affection between young lovers, having a crush

Pragma: enduring love, long term best interests, companionship, compromising for peace, patience and tolerance

Mania: is the form when love turns into negativity: obsessive and posessive love turns into jealousy and violence

All the feelings we have for someone are extension of our ability to feel. This is the energy that is a main part how we are materializing our life.

Understanding this is they key: we are magical beings and our existence here in the 3D realm is being manifested by how we "spell" it. We are the creators of our reality, conscious or unconscious - this is the big difference!

All the rituals, positive and negative, that people are doing are to enforce the energy of the spell to manifest a certain reality. Some powerful people know about this and use it very consciously. Unfortunately those evil beings that have created the situation we are in now, are very much aware of this and have used it with the goal to take over humanity and rule with their evil (= live turned around) attitude.

What they obviously don’t understand is that every thing will be balanced at one point. You can’t only breath in, at one point it turns and you have to breath out otherwise you die. The day or the night will not last forever, even in the extreme north/south regions where there is only night for a time in winter and then only daylight in the summer season, it balances itself out and looking at the whole year: each part of the world has the same amount of day and night time. Just “distributed” differently.

We can also look at it as the different seasons of the whole world or our solar system and in fact, we would have to go even further out in the length of cycles to understand all that is happening. Our physical lifespan is very short compared to cosmic cycles! But we don’t really “die” in the way most people understand, but just leave the body and continue to exist.

The way one uses the magic is depending on the level of consciousness and those evil beings have a very low consciousness level. They might be clever and intelligent, but when the heart is not involved, they can’t move beyond a certain threshold and thank to the pressure and violence, those who are carrying the light of love within, are now waking up, like the sun is rising in the morning, and the dark ones will just perish like the darkness makes way for the light.

There will be pockets of darkness where they hide, but if we focus on the light, on love and friendship, then they have no influence in our lives.

You can compare it to a different radio frequency: if you are tuned into to a channel of peace, those living in a different and lower frequency of darkness can’t even find and hear that channel.

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