Update 9 January 22 by Silver Dove
Going home? where is home? what is home?

From so many I hear that this is for sure their last incarnation here and then they “go home” to the star or where every they come from. We are hybrids here and we are on the move. Where do human beings really come from? There is a lot of evidence if you look closer, that we are seeded by star family! All religions have such back ground stories of the Gods or Angels that came and took human wives and had children with them. Who are the gods? But this is not the topic here now, I might elaborate on this topic another time.

What does that mean going home? Where do we go? I understand we don’t have to go anywhere, we have to be. Be alert and ready to see our path, then the things that are lined up on our path will be there when the time comes walk that road and to face the next step. Any thing that is in our curriculum we have signed up.

Many are challenged very hard now and have even sleepless nights. This is a lack of trust and not understanding that we are here for this shift and to move forward into a higher consciousness. Unfortunately so many are not there, they comply with the “enemy” and even admire them, worship them…. So a lot has to happen to wake up the masses.

It did and we are at the end of the tunnel, there is one or two more bends and if you look closely, you can see that the at the bend there is light filtering through already. Those who have diligently done their homework and trusted their intuition and divine guidance, they have learned to navigate the darkness and their inner light is guiding the way.

I probably repeat myself here, but many have not heard it yet: You are here for this shift, that is what you have signed up for and what is happening is right on time. We need to separate the wheat from the chaff to move on. Lower consciousness will hold us down and people who are not ready have to leave this planet. Many who are leaving now, are not ready for the next step and they will incarnate in a similar matrix where they can live out their 3D experience as long as needed.

The Dark Ones will start all by themselves on a dark planet… they will be among themselves until they are ready to move out of the very low density consciousness of control and fear.

And we are going home! Yes, home is not a place but a consciousness level. All those who say they won’t come back (and I was one of them) will stay here and in the 5D consciousness earth will be the paradise we were dreaming of.

Again, we don’t need to go anywhere, just work on the consciousness and become more aware of the background and what is going on. We have to stop to watch mainstream and believe in the narrative. We need to trust our inner voice and as you probably observe, we are getting much more sensitive, emphatic and telepathic.

Home is where the consciousness level is love and compassion, creativity and invention, happiness, love and peace. We are getting there. And I bet, most of those who wanted to go “home” will realize that they are “home” because home has not so much any thing to do with a place than a consciousness level.

Home is where you heart is. Home is where love is. Home is where you feel save and good. Home is where you have family and friend who are kindred souls.

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