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The healing message of the Bach Flower Remedies

Short excerpt from my book "Flower Healing Power"

The more I witness and work with the healing power of the Bach Flower Remedies, the more I understand Dr. Bach’s message that flower therapy is not meant to fight illness, but to support the harmony between the body and the soul. Illness cannot grow, if one has no affinity with it and the person is in harmony and aligned to her or his spiritual goal. Illness is an expression of disharmony, and as such, is both teacher and guide. If we understand the symptom, the healing process can start.

As lived and practiced by Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King and other highly enlightened souls, fighting does not achieve anything, but always brings loss. The whole allopathic system is based on fighting disease, and so from a spiritual point of view it can never be successful.

The energy frequency of the Flower Remedies enhances the life qualities that we need under certain circumstances to courageously face whatever appears in our life. It helps us to honestly see our life path: to realize that we are here to evolve, to eventually reconnect with the Divine and meet our true self that lies beyond the veil of the three-dimensional illusion.

The Bach Flower and other subtle healing systems, such as the Australian Bush flower essences, Gem stone essences, homeopathic remedies and many others, are, in my opinion, the only way to truly heal, as healing always includes the whole person – body, soul and spirit - not just the body.

End of Quote from Flower Healing Power

In this time when you realize that the Western Allopathic medicine is not about healing at all, but to make you loyal clients to the pharma industry, you might reconsider what kine of remedies you are taking.

Pharmakeia: Sorcery, Witchcraft, Pharmaceutical, Pharmacy, Pharmacist & the Roots of Modern Day Drug IndustryDr. Scott JohnsonSermon Overview:Pharmakeiais a form of the Greek root word from which we get our English words: Pharmacy,Pharmacist, and Pharmaceutical. In the Bible, pharmakeia carried with it the idea of sorcery, occultism, and black magic. It is in this sense that Paul used the term in Galatians 5.20 as the word "witchcraft". In Rev. 9:21 & 18:23 it is translated "sorceries". Do you find it rather disturbing that approximately 60% of the population is taking at least one pharmaceutical drug every day? Some are taking up to fifteen and twenty!
From: http://ernestlmartin.com/images/Pharmacy,%20Drugs,%20Sorcery,%20IG%20Farbin.pdf

Alternative medicine, including herbal medicine and other ancient methods that have proven to be powerful for centuries and it is time to understand again that our body is made from the material available on Mother Gaia and so is the medicine that restores the body… including food…. Food is medicine!

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