Pearls of Wisdom

Table of Human Consciousness Levels

In the videos “Pearls of Wisdom” Katharina is answering Questions from her students. Today with Suchada and Navasit

• What is the definition of consciousness level?

• How do you test consciousness level?

• Has it something to do with intelligence level or knowledge?

• Are we born at the lowest consciousness level?

• Does it automatically shift up higher when we grow up?

• Are life events responsible for shifting the consciousness level up or down?

• Can we stabilize the level of consciousness?

• Can there be more than one level of consciousness active at the same time?

• Once we reach a higher consciousness level, can we fall back into a lower level?

The link to the Brighteon Video:

As promised in the video, here is the consciousness table that you can copy and use as a whole with the reference to the author.

Rupert Sheldrake: Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields - an Introduction

And the book I mentioned: Dr. David R. Hawkins: Power VS Force

You can find the Table of Consciousness Levels in my blog:

This video is dedicated to every body who is ready to move beyond limitation to find the real potential and take back their Heritage as a Divine Being having a Human experience!

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