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Magenta Heart Message

This morning I was checking in with the flower essences and decided to share this with you because it’s such a profound message for now.

Here the chapter about the “Magenta Heart” from my “Flower Healing Power 2: the Asian Gateway Flower Essences.”

Magenta Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea glabra - Family Nyctaginaceae

Nickname: Magenta Heart

Main Keywords: Holographic view; connectedness; protection

Magenta Heart is a very powerful ally to help us reconnect with the subtle languages of all beings and regain a holographic view of all things. This essence gives us the courage to face the unknown and to understand the unity and interconnectedness of all that is.

The characteristics of Magenta Heart

Not just an essence for individuals, Magenta Heart connects us to something more inclusive. This essence is connected to the heart of Mother Gaia and her love for all the beings living on her body. It helps us to understand the hologram that we are all a part of and that everything is connected. ‘As above: so below’

Magenta color has a very powerful frequency that symbolizes the unconditional love of the heart and connectedness. It is the bountiful love of a mother with a strong personality who knows her own needs and doesn’t require approval from others. She rests in her own loving heart, connected with the ‘Goddess within’.

For many people this level of love is not yet comprehensible. However we are all evolving in this direction. With an as yet meager understanding of love and its authentic meaning, many people feel this powerful magenta frequency to be beyond their comfort zone. To accept this intensity, a person needs courage, boldness and readiness to take the risk of being catapulted out of his old belief system. Where is the safe ground that provides the jumping off point for you to be totally authentic, brave and bold and daring to take a risk? There is only one place - and that is in your heart ~ of course!

Most people stay within their comfort zones where it feels safe, even though it is a limiting box in which to live. Magenta Bougainvillea essence gives you the extra push you may need to step out of the box of limitation, to go beyond your comfort zone and wake up to your true self.

The magenta frequency also attracts supportive energies on all levels. It is used in color therapy for protection and to energize a person’s energy field. The three Magenta Heart petals that surround the white flower are a perfect symbol of the Trinity within unity. They remind us of the connection of the physical, mental and emotional bodies with the purity of spirit within.

This very special mother essence also represents our spiritual blood, which is the energy flow of the subtle bodies. It sustains our “Ka” body and keeps us connected to the whole. When this subtle energy flow is in harmony, our intuition is strong and we understand ‘messages beyond words’, the language of Mother Gaia and of all living beings.

The redeemed and healthy Magenta Heart personality

The healthy Magenta Heart personality is symbolized by the ‘perfect mother’ (not in the sense of the image of the perfect housewife!). ‘Perfect’ in the sense of being totally connected to the heart. This, of course, applies to a man as well.

It is important to understand that this does not refer to the gender of a person. All people have a balance of female and male qualities, yin and yang (you can translate these qualities as passive, receptive – yin, and active, creative – yang). The physical body is our outer appearance, either male or female, the outer appearance is a reflection of the choice each person had to make for the experience of this lifetime. However, on a higher level, in our subtle bodies, male/female energy is always completely balanced.

Looking at this, we can see that a man is physically stronger than a woman, expressing himself as an executive, a hunter or a protector taking care of the family. The woman’s role is to give birth, to nourish all growing life, to be the one who makes plans so that the man can execute them. It is said that when a woman is planning something she is thinking ‘seven generations’ ahead — she is taking care of the well being of the family and the tribe. She is also in charge when someone is sick and needs care.

‘Yin’ is the inspiration, the muse and ‘Yang’ is the executing artist … painter, musician, sculptor etc. ‘Yin” is the voice whispering in the background making things happen. Each incarnated soul has made a gender choice, selected a role to play and opted for a certain learning experience in order to grow spiritually.

This is not stating that only men are creating art! In the process of balancing male/female, art is a perfect expression for women too!

In society, it is obvious when a man and a woman compete with each other it might create disharmony. Only in understanding why we have chosen to play a certain role can we can be satisfied with it. In suppressing feminine or masculine energy, the balance is disturbed and no one is happy!

We can observe how roles are changing. More and more women are working in professions previously held only by men. Men have also begun to rediscover their feminine aspects allowing for greater sensitivity and nurturing of themselves and others. Disharmony always attempts to come back into balance and peaceful co-existence. The gender of the physical body has a major effect on our lives and is affected by hormones.

If a body is masculine, the next level of his subtle bodies is feminine and vice versa. This is absolutely perfect and we can balance our own being in what is called the ‘alchemical union’, which is when yin and yang are totally balanced. Then male and female energies are unified in one body, it matters not if one has the body of a man or woman. We can still act in our apparent role as a man or as a woman but we have integrated both in our consciousness.

Such a person is enlightened, seeing beyond the physical realm and understanding the wholeness of all that is.

The main reason we are all on this planet at this moment in time is to reunite the yin and the yang, to heal our separateness and to understand that we are whole (holy) beings and not just ‘one half of an other’!

Hence, we tap once again into the great sea of abundance, into the purpose of life and the joy of love! This is the gift of the Magenta Heart Essence.

The blocked Magenta Heart personality

A person who lives in a blocked Magenta Heart state has deeply misunderstood his/her role in life and is dissatisfied with it. Such a person is not unified with the energies of Mother Gaia and as a result is unable to know his/her inner centre, intuition, life purpose, or to feel self esteem.

Just like the Bougainvillea bush with its very sharp thorns, the blocked personality type creates walls around himself and is unwilling to take risks or explore new life possibilities. He clings to the familiar even if it limits and hinders him. Even through pain and suffering, he holds on to the past, with its old paradigms in order to feel safe. He is disconnected from his true feelings most of the time.

We can compare the thorns of the bougainvillea with the thorns of roses, and when I see a wall decorated and overgrown from magenta bougainvilleas, it reminds me of the fairy tale of the “sleeping beauty” behind the thorn bushes. The protecting wall is nearly impossible to penetrate!

Unwilling to take a risk or explore new possibilities the unredeemed personality refuses to step into the unknown. He always needs to be in control. When forced to face the unknown, his usual reaction is denial, resistance or simply choosing to ignore what is happening.

A blocked Magenta Heart person is disconnected from nature. He looks at things from a material levels only. Unable to look at the truth behind the appearance, he sees only the surface, not the meaning and the essence beyond the surface. He is superficial, insensitive and unable to understand things in depth.

Physical symptoms of the blocked Magenta Heart state

Heart disease; heart rhythm irregularity; blood disorders; Anemia; symptoms of stiffness; skin irritations and rashes; diarrhea (fear) or constipation (fixation); lethargy; chronic illness; conditions that cannot be detected by allopathic diagnosis

Keywords for the blocked Magenta Heart state

Cold-hearted; hatred; cruel; disconnected from feelings and nature; only using the mind; clinging to the past; fear of the unknown; needing to be in control

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