Update 9 September 21 by Silver Dove:
Rising Energy Levels

Last night I hardly slept. I was so much awake and even in the morning not tired. So I guess there was an intense energy shift during this time. Even this is not visible in the Schumann resonance charts, the energy making my body super sensitive.

When I asked my Dakini Oracle this morning what was happening, I got the card of the “holocaust” that is the 16th card that resonates with the “Tower” in the Major Arcane in Tarot.

In the Dakini Oracle it’s also a tower, but yes are being ejected with great force from a chimney with an explosion. The eyes represent what we see physically, but also how we “see” within. How we see who we are. This also represents the disclosure of things we have to look at. Those eyes are violently spit out and our whole image of the world and what is comes crashing down.

This symbolizes the stage we are in within this huge drama that is playing now in the world. The light has won already. In 1986 the consciousness level of human kind has moved out of the fear-based energies into the energy of courage. All the previous predictions that indicated that this shift is connected to a big cataclysm again, were void then! Once the positive vibe of courage enters the consciousness of people, they are not bullied anymore into submission.

Humanity had a first chance on this planet to move into a new "Age" without a cataclysm. Now we are in the first years of the Golden Age that has started after the Mayan Calendar ended at the end of 2012.

Now we can see this happening. People standing up and rising their voices and fighting against the evil elite.

This will leas to the next thing happening: the Scarlet Woman represent the powerful woman/goddess who has the power to create! Once people wake up and take back their power to create a new world, things will move forward into harmony, into a higher dimension of consciousness, joy, playfulness and nurturing.

Once we claim our inherited creative power, it will lead to eternal life, which the last of the 3 cards shows.

This is a very meaningful confirmation of what is going on that is not visible yet in the MSM, but if you dig deeper you can find it. Trust your intuition/inspiration and be courageous, stand up for your Divine Right and don’t give in to the dark ones.

Darkness is the absence of Light. If you understand that darkness has no existence in itself, it is easy to see what was going on: they needed to feed of the light beings to exist. Once the light beings withdraw the energy, there is not food ...
For example if you stop to buy the junk food that makes us sick, you withdraw the money/energy, they can't produce it anymore. Money is one form of the food for those who make these products to harm us and want to take over world control.

We are living in a time of testing. A time that will determine on which time line we will move forward. Stay alert and connected to you Divine Self!

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