Update 5 April 22 by Silver Dove
Round, Hollow or Flat?

Recently there is a lot of info coming out about flat earth. One guy said we should as a pilot.. I did and he said that he sees the earth as round…! I was confronted with this topic many years ago already and as you probably know the logo of the WHO has an image of the flat earth.

And btw, it is also shown quite clearly where they belong to with the reptile on it.. it is not, as many say, the image connected to the chakras, there should be 2 snakes…and there is more to this. If yo like to know more, I made a video in a Q&A session about chakras: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d3G_Hoq2kQ&t=4s

Several messages were posted in a channel that is on a total other topic, but it inspired me to write an answer to the guy and to use this topic for a blog.

From many years of my own research, the hollow earth like a honey comb system makes more sense to me, but this does not matter… not right now, because there are really other priorities to look at.

Now lets look a bit at the perspective of what is happening on the planet. What does it matter what form the earth has when looking at the problems in each persons life? What difference does it make for you in your daily interactions in the moment of NOW if the earth is round, hollow or flat?

As long as so many people fall for all the BullS*t of the MSM and don't even realize and understand the truths about a mild flue like C19, swallow all the crap that is fed to them on Tell-a-Vision, believe there is an asymptomatic flue and let themselves be tested with a test that is not able to find out if someone has the flue or are healthy? People, not even understanding their own body and be able to know if they are healthy or sick and put a diaper into their face that can’t prevent any infection ... etc. I don't care if the world is flat our round! I would rather care about to wake up those ignorant people and make them see some facts.
These kind of face mask are to protect patients during an operation from the personal the is operating them.

All I care about in the moment is that humanity is waking up to the truth, is rising their consciousness level and stop this Duality good/bad narrative.. It is time to realize that we all come from the same source and need to stop to try to find the enemy outside of the limited ego consciousness. For the ego there is always an enemy!

Therefore it's time to start to widen the consciousness horizon to understand what LIFE is about! That we are spirits having a human experience and exist in a matrix for experience! What form the matrix has, is an issue that might be important at one point, but not now when there are so many other important matters to look at first. We have to see that most of humanity has messed up quite a bit! How come that a person is so corrupted to abuse the little ones.. how can they look into the eye of a child and do something so horrific?

All the material distraction is just to divide and conquer. The more people are divided, the easier it to control them and use the fear/anger scheme to keep them in a low consciousness level.

Would it be better to be more clever and face on what the problems of the NOW bring into our daily life and start to solve one after the other. Do some research on more important things that are tangible in the lives of our families and the consequences of the whole PLandemic that is coming like an avalanche towards humanity?

Even if now all things shift, we have to deal with the split of the time lines which is and will be part of our lives in the near future. It might be a fact that there will be food shortage, so why not start to plan, now when in the northern hemisphere the spring is approaching? Even for those who don't have a garden there are fantastic solutions to grow food. And the satisfaction to eat our own food is very gratifying!

Why not concentrate on how can I as an individual help to shift the consciousness on the planet? What can I do personally to help those in need and how can I serve the whole of humanity?

What I can see in personal horoscopes that I am analyzing is that so many come into this life to clear their karma. To let go of the ego attachments in life to be able to move on.

For me the main priority is to handle what I am confronted with in the NOW. To do my best to handle what is approaching me and to deal with it with integrity, diligence, awake and in a peaceful manner.

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