Update 13 October 21 by Silver Dove
The process of awakening asks us to let the past behind us!

In this process of waking up some really shocking insights are coming up. I was contemplating this for quite some time and wondering why it is that we got here.

Now I understand the we, the people made it actually happen because of compliance and obedience. I found this text lately as an image in one of my Telegram channels. It pushed me to think about it again and write about it.

Why do parents send their kids into school when the circumstances are so bad for them? I got this picture and added the part below....

It says is all and now we have to choice to get out of this all with not obeying, no compliance for their plans. Many are standing up already, but still a lot of people are so lazy that they can’t turn off their TV and hence are programmed with the “Tell a vision” every day.

It is time to understand more about energy and what it does to you. Did you know that the 5G network has switches for Alpha, Beta and Gamma waves? Well, it is time to wake up… but we know this already and my feeling is that those who haven't “get” it yet, they will not and will go on another timeline.

Our lessons in the moment are to learn to trust our own Higher Self and to make peace with all that is. See the hazards and send those who will leave us love and compassion without judgment because they chose a different path.

If you are ready for the new and higher time line, then de-clutter your home, de-clutter your life so there is not a lot of baggage around any more. It’s like moving on for example, if you leave kindergarten, you don’t take the toys to school. And you won’t miss them because there are new challenges and new “toys” waiting. But if we are stuck in High school when we are supposed to go to university, there is stagnation and we feel that in form of depression and life is boring. If you are ready for challenges, for new creativity, let go of the old ways. We are moving somewhere new, and we don’t know – we can’t know what is awaiting us there, so it’s good to be ready.

And last but not least: the current Schumann Resonance is also quite intense and you might feel tired and need more rest and less food.

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