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Medicine, what is it really?

In the 80's when I was going to the workshops with Thorwald Dethlefsen, one of the thing he also taught was to look into words and the roots where they came from, so we understand the background. I did a lot of research on that over several years.

His book “The healing Power of Illness” is still one of my “bibles” and when I saw this post today, I remembered that we talked about this. For me “pharmaka” was always connected to poison, not so much to sorcery, but it’s good to remember that.

Since 3 decades, I have not taken chemical medicine and only use natural things, herbs, water, honey, make creams etc. and only now I bought Ivermectin. I bought for animals because this is easily available and give it to my animals in the moment to keep them healthy.

Just look at that image above and then you decide for yourselves what is true. Each person has her/his own experience and mine was in the late teens when I had a problem with my back and was kept under Valium to keep me laying in bed, since then I know how horrible addiction is. It took me a long time to get over that! I never took drugs anymore.

I agree that when you are bleeding and need emergency medicine, that the modern medicine has it’s good sides. But I am also very sure that there would be other ways and I am also sure that these methods and ways are already here, but hidden from us. You will see in the coming time, month, maybe years, how much has been withheld from us.

There is a pharmacy of mother earth available to all of us. Many naturopaths are using it and in addition there is the more subtle medicine like acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, sound etc. and all these methods are very efficient since they don’t work with chemical input but with real information to change not only the physical, but also impact the mental/emotional bodies, therefore are holistic medicine and more appropriate for a human being. A being that is not primarily human but a spirit having a human experience. The body is just the last expression and manifestation of this spiritual being.those posts

The state of healthy mirrors the contentedness and balance of our bodies.

Please help me to spread this information I post here, I am shadow - banned at fb and other places since a long time. Now I feel that I need to go out again with information and experience of a many years of "alternative living". Thank you! You can follow me here for free. Please share it in your groups.
Many blessings to you all, Katharina

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