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Nice to see you here!

... And welcome to my page. Please make yourself comfortable inside my infinite imaginary room. I've tailor-made it to fit and change to suit anybody's desires and tastes that enjoys my content enough to support me. 😊

What do I make?

    I am a newbie... novelist? Yeah, I think that's what you call it. Writing light novels is a new hobby that I have decided to do. For the past few years I have thought about writing/creating stories that could hopefully become something big one day so I just decided, "F- it, If I don't start now, I'll never create anything."

A bit about me:

    My avatar is actually based off of a 3D model I kind of frankenstiened together from mmd parts in blender to use in a virtual reality game called "VRChat." I used this model for years on that game and, even though I rarely play VRChat anymore, still use it even today as it just represents my online presence now.

    I do have problems with motivation so I may not always keep a consistent schedule with writing stuff, but I'll try my best to release content and stay happy. ☺️

You can find my stories on Wattpad here, and I can be found on twitter as @Skelopex