🔥Set a 20 minute timer and get through as many rounds as possible! Let me know how many you get in the comments below 👇 

➡️Squat to Shoulder Press (10-12 reps) 

DB’s held at the shoulders and core braced, initiate hip hinge into a squat. From the bottom of the squat drive through the heels to powerfully come up while using the momentum of the legs to press the DBs overhead.

➡️Dumbbell Swing (20 reps) 

This exercise is similar to a kettle bell swing, except your stance is narrower (feet about hip width apart). Drive is coming from glutes and hamstrings, not the shoulders! As always maintain core stability and neutral spine. 

➡️Reverse Lunge with Overhead Dumbbell Hold and Knee Drive (8 reps each side) 

Start with dumbbell lifted over head. Take a large step back with one foot (split stance position with back heel lifted). Drop the back knee towards the floor and bend front leg (aiming for ~90 degree bend in the knee). Keep upper body and trunk upright (no forward bend). Drive through front heel and mid foot while bringing back leg into knee drive (requires core stability and balance). Be sure you are not letting the knee fall inward. Repeat 🔁. If this is too challenging, leave the the knee drive out. 

➡️Tricep Push-up (10-12 reps) 

This can be done on the knees (less advanced) or the toes (more advanced). Maintain proper plank position with neutral engaged core as you push-up. Keep the elbows narrow just outside the torso to engage the triceps. 

➡️Chest Fly to Crunch (10-12 reps) 

Start lying on the bench with knees and hips at 90 degrees and dumbbells held over the chest. Move into the chest fly by bringing the dumbbells out to either side. Focus on slow and controlled movement with an intentional contraction of the pectoral muscles at the top. At the top think about bringing the dumbbells straight up to the ceiling (crunch). Keep eye gaze at the ceiling to avoid neck strain. 

Link to workout: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUIw4RYFF-Q/?utmmedium=copylink