#100DaysofInfoSec-Day 1 Introduction

Hello, my name is Ardrionna. I go by Audrey! I am currently in the process of transitioning my career from a Business Systems Analyst to a career in cybersecurity, particularly in the role of a Cyber Crime Analyst. My idea role in cybersecurity is either Digital forensics or Penetration Tester.


How I came up with my career path?

I did a ton of research. Why you ask? Because you must learn what this field is about and if this is something you will be passionate about. Once you understand the field start looking at job titles and trust once you come across a role that stands out. I also applied what I like to do. I love to learn, read, research, and problem-solving. I’m a need to know all the details type of person. Easy.  I'll add a few resources that helped me figure out my ideal career path.

A few resources to get you started





 This blog will be my method of sharing my knowledge and thoughts around the topics of Information Security & Cybersecurity. I will document my cloud & programming journey as well. I plan to learn python for the most part and if I have time, I will learn others.


I am currently studying for the COMPTIA Security+ exam to jumpstart my career and will also be using this blog to help solidify my knowledge around the various exam objectives.


My immediate goals include:

•Earning the COMPTIA Security+ Certification

•Getting a Job in the field



Education & Skills Background

Master’s in computer science

Over 7 years as a Business Systems Analyst

Completed numerous TryHackMe rooms (I will do write-ups on these), CISCO courses, Coursera, etc.

I have some technical knowledge, very basic knowledge.


Try not to get overwhelmed! Take your time! Build your education, skills, & technical expertise! Plan everything out! Set goals! Achieve them!

I plan to take you all along with me! Feel free to join me!