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Hello everyone and welcome! I am so excited you are here.

Recently I moderated an amazing YouTube panel on Mental Health. Through this LIVE collaboration I expressed my determination to make it to Australia.  Let me tell you why I want to go to Australia...yes it has always been a bucket list travel destination. However, now I am pulled by something stronger than a desire to travel, I am pulled by friendship and love. Through my YouTube channel I met my YouTube bestie, Erin aka Erin Twibbles Around Aimlessly. We have grown quite close and chat quite often. What makes this travel so important to me and why is it time sensitive? Well you see, my bestie has limited time left and my goal is to make it to Australia to meet her in person before she loses her battle with what life has dealt her. I am saving weekly towards this trip; however, it is quite an expense to get from the US to Australia. Another YouTube friend, Caroline aka CaroCash, started the movement #MarleneDownUnder to help me meet Erin. I will use this platform for anyone who wants to donate to help Erin and I meet in person. You will see the donations on my weekly YouTube videos and of course once I make it to Australia you will witness Erin and I meeting for the first time. 💗💗

Thank you for stopping in!

All proceeds from Buy me a Coffee will be going towards #MarleneDownUnder.


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