According to rumors, one temple attendant was looking for inspiration for painting an icon of the God of Harvest. And he wandered into a deep thicket. Having lost all hope of getting out of there, he humbly prayed the God to show him the cherished image eluding his inner sight before he died. And then... he saw it: the golden glow... the hair of the color wheat at sunrise and the eyes like a bottomless sky. He experienced such illumination that he did not even remember how he ended up at the edge of the forest and how he reached his cell. Deliriously, he painted the icon, forgeting about food and sleep. And when it was complete - anyone who knew Kuroel could swear it was his portrait.

 Kuroel wished he could erase that day from his memory, when he found the unfortunate artist in the swamp and led him out of the forest, listening all the way the cries of adoration and praise to the Creator. He was always exhausted by such energetic admirers.


Text from Snowman

Translation by Octopus


This one from Snowman aka irbi-art. OC Kuroel. Owner of this OC is Kuro. But we work at this oC together - so design and stories and his character  is mostly  from me.