Hey! I assume you are here because you want to support something worth while, you love our music or love Electronic Metalcore. Either way, I'm sure you'll like to hear that we have our first affiliate link.

We teamed up with Rocket Powered Sound! Now, affiliate links are things you may see a lot from gamers, streamers, musicians etc. So, it's always nice to get your first one!

However, as much as it supports both the product team and the artist or content creator, sometimes it's not always anything to do with the message or vision. Like if a sports team was affiliated with alcohol.

Fortunately, we have teamed up with people that not only have helped us with music production but will also help you too. If you are just starting out or an industry professional. Their plugin "Thickify" helps with your sound, wether it be synths, drums or bass, if you want your sound to be huge, this is the plugin to go for. (We will have a tutorial soon).

Hope you enjoyed today's post, more will be coming soon. Please go support Rocket Powered Sound and use the code "SoSMusic" at checkout for a discount.