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The Noodle Clan connects over 600 content creators across over a dozen social media and networking platforms, giving streamers and influencers new opportunities to reach their audiences and achieve their goals as digital entrepreneurs. The Lost Astronaut Coffee Co. provides influencers and streamers with opportunities for Brand Ambassadorship and a means to connect their audience through otherworldly coffee. Our Noodle Clan community resources are 100% free for all members to use, as is our library of assets for Lost Astronaut's Brand Ambassadors, but their upkeep is not. If you have had a positive experience in the Noodle Clan or Lost Astronaut communities and have benefited from the digital environment and resources our brands have to offer, please consider supporting the continued efforts of the Noodle Clan and Lost Astronaut to bring content creators together by donating what you can. Thank you for your support! 

Grow Together.

Your donation will be used to support Soak by assisting with monthly and annual fees for the Noodle Clan and Lost Astronaut communities' websites, our free events and promotions for our streamers and creators, the software used to create and publish these promotions, Discord Server features through Nitro, prizes used for giveaways, and to support the ever-evolving future projects of these two brands. Your support makes our mission possible! 🍜