Buy Soapfiftysix a coffee



Our names are Debbie & Shannon, we are a small mother-daughter business and buying us a "coffee" will help us achieve our goal ☺️

Our ultimate goal is to earn enough income from this business so my husband/dad can stop working, he's an auto electrician but he has back and shoulder problems through 20+ years in his job. We'd love to open a shop one day in the hope he would be able to join us.

We began in 2019 making soap to suit my youngest daughter/sister. She had eczema and no shop bought soap or lotions agreed with her skin. So we researched into oils and organic ingredients to use in our products, they soothed her skin and now she doesn't have even have eczema anymore!

We decided to make it into a business because I (Debbie) have fibromyalgia and chronic pain so I can't go out and do a 'normal' job, this suits me and allows me to work from home.

Thank you for reading & getting to know us ☺️