Buy SoberAFSally a coffee/cheesecake


Hey 👋 Thanks for visiting .I just created a page here so You can now buy me a coffee or piece of Cheesecake  ! 

I am over 2 years sober and want to help as many people as possible that struggle with alcoholism, alcohol addiction or problems with drinking. From story’s ,information,inspiration and my own tips etc on a Sober lifestyle.

We know that people who struggle with addiction don't have loads of money lying around so that’s why i set up this page so people could donate a small amount and in private.

I use Instagram and Facebook as my main source of sober inspiration ,story’s and motivational posts because it's free to anyone who needs it. I want to reach out to as many people as possible .But as any content creator knows we put a lot of effort , time and work into my content and I do it all by myself.And I need a little help too sometimes and a Coffee or slice of cheesecake really does help 😍

If you "like" my content more than just double tapping and would like to support me here by buying me an extra boost of a Coffee a day or my Fave cheesecake that really would help me with all the early morning and late nights creating my story’s for everyone to see and get inspiration from. Buying me a “ coffee “may not seam a lot but honestly it really does help me so thanks 😊 

Spreading the word about My Sober Story on insta and fb helps me loads and I appreciate the support however you can give it.

Keep it simple….One Day at a time .

Sally B x