Turva was a well-established trade partner who began as a slave and sought the respect of the common people. However, it turned out that he had cheated several times before after being caught selling counterfeit goods.

‘I’m nervous.’

This may be real, but I couldn’t be relieved to know Turva. Turva opened a box that was lying on the floor. There was a white headstone in the box.

‘It’s an ancient language’

Turva spoke in a confident tone.

“It’s an ancient headstone.”

Then the vassals and Nos, who were standing beside the Duke, rejoiced greatly.

“An ancient headstone is worth as much as Newt.”

That’s right.  If the ancient headstone became known, it would now be classified as a treasure by the castle.

“But ancient language is an incomprehensible language, how can you be sure that this is a headstone from ancient times?”

Turva opened his mouth with a triumphant look.

“A similar object was recorded in the history book, and it was verified that it contained strong divine power.”


As the vassals shook their heads, Turva raised the corners of their mouths.

“It’s a difficult thing to excavate in the old plateau. The horde of horrible monsters attacked me and the top, but I never retreated.”

Then he struck out his hands at the Duke.

“There will certainly be a day when it will help someone. So, you can’t give up the tombstone!”

But the Duke only pressed his temple with a dry face. Turva wasn’t mad at all. Rather, he raised his mouth as if waiting for the word.

“If you’d like to buy it, I’ll deal with you for 100 million.”


‘100 million?!’

The unit used only for the national budget was hundreds of millions. Even the vassals and the Nos nearly screamed and looked at the Duke.

As soon as the Duke looked over the stone plate with a sharp look, I raised my hand up.

“Closely! That!”

Turva, who was staring at me with thin eyes, soon smiled.

“You’re a Child of Fate. It’s an honor to meet you.”

“Want to see.”

Lea was embarrassed and called me, “Ah, little miss.”

Nos also looked troubled. It seemed like he was worried that if I broke the stone plate like I did at Newt, I wouldn’t really be able to fix it. But I had a reason to look closely at that stone plate. Turva grinned and nodded. “You must be interested in this because you’re a Child of Fate. Yes, let’s take a closer look. But don’t touch it.”

As the vassals shouted, “Wait!” but I quickly approached Turva. I squatted on the carpet and looked into the stone plate with a curious face.

“Do you feel the divine power?”

The people of Dubbled and the people of Turva’s table have all dissuaded him.

“Stop it. What if the child breaks it?”

“She’s the Child of Fate, and she might be able to read some ancient words.”

“How can anyone who can’t speak imperial language yet interpret ancient languages?”

“Of course, I’m joking. Someone who can interpret the ancient language, the language that has disappeared--”

“Nowto, who stwuggle for his famiwy for a lifetime, sweeps here. (Noto, who struggled for his family for a lifetime, sleep here.)”


Turva and other people blinked at the sudden remark. I smiled brightly and pointed to the stone tablet.

‘Uncle, are you an idiot, it’s written here.’

This was just a tombstone. Moreover, no divine power can be felt at all.

‘This swindler.’

Thankfully, I can read ancient language. No one can read it now, but it was because the ancient language of the ancient language appeared a decade later. Mina was able to read the ancient language as soon as she saw it. Thanks to her, the lines of the ancient language were interpreted, and others could learn the ancient language.

Of course, the number of people who learned was very small because it was very difficult.

‘There were only three people who can understand the ancient language until I was about to die.’ 

The Crown Prince and the eldest son of Duke Dubbled, and me. 

I shook my head inside and looked at Turva. It’s a lie to say that they excavated it from the old plateau in the first place. The only ancient country that built a monument for the dead was Calisis.

Calisis is a country directly opposite the old plateau and does not believe in this country’s God. It is an area where the divine thing can never come down.

‘How simple is that man?’

You must have thought that you would never get caught. That man didn’t know that I can read ancient language. The vassals rushed to me.

“Can you read ancient languages?

“Exactly, as it is written?”

They surround me from both sides. 

Then, I nodded. Turva’s face was filled with embarrassment.

“What, what nonsense–!”

He quickly gave his hand to the Duke and made excuses.

“No, It’s a holy thing! How can a child read such an ancient language?”

Turva, who glared at me sharply, pressed, “A child who says such lie will be punished by heaven!”

Before I knew it, Nos, who came near me, bent one knee and asked me to look at him.

“Do you really know how to read ancient languages?”


“How? Did you learn?” 

I thought you’d ask me this question, so I prepared this!

I tilted my head and said, “I can see it.” 

When Mina was asked how she read ancient languages, she said so.

That’s when I learned that the title “The Child of Fate” is used.

As I was giggling inside, Turva shouted, “Lie!”

Then he hurriedly made excuses for the people.

“I have a way to prove that this is the real thing. But you’re different. How do you make it clear that you can read ancient languages?”

One of the vassals, Dubos, sighed.

‘I’m sure it was fabricated.’

People didn’t easily believe.

Turva laughed and smiled.

“The only person who could speak ancient language was the founding Emperor.”  That was then.  I stretched out my index finger and pointed to the tapestry embroidered in ancient languages ​​at the back of the Duke. translation by zimmings dot blogspot dot com

“Bwessed the man who rejuvnated his mission (Blessed be the man who rejuvenated his mission.)”



All eyes are on me.

Nos breathed in, and the vassals silently screamed.  Even the Duke looked at me with my eyes wide open.

And I hit the last shot.

“Fwed Enys Shawman Cawwie (Fred Enys Shayman Callie)”

When I said the name embroidered at the end of the tapestry, the Duke rolled up the armrests of the chair. “The true name of the Founding Emperor”

People stared at me in amazement at his murmur. “True?”

“That’s the true name of Fred I!”

The middle name ‘Shayman’ was evidence of some tribe’s blood. The tribe was called the creation of evil spirits, are now forbidden to mention. The Imperial Household removed his true name from the record to hide the wrong blood of the Founding Emperor.

For now, it was only the Five Dynasties and very few people who knew his true name. And the very few would of course include the Duke of Dubbled.

‘It’s different in the future.’

Mina’s inscription on the tapestry once spoke of the Emperor’s real name in public. So reading the truth of the founding Emperor embroidered on tapestry now proved that I could really read the ancient language. Nos burst out laughing.

“I can’t help but believe this.”

The vassals swallowed dry saliva and grabbed their foreheads.

“That’s ridiculous. How could you…”

All the people were troubled. I grinned inwardly and looked at Turva.

‘How are you going to make excuses now?’

As expected, Turva couldn’t open his mouth easily. His hands were shaking with a blue face.


I shook my head, and shed a small laugh.

The Duke may have been suspicious, given that he was not interested in it in the first place. He rose slowly.

“I guess I’ve been pretty nice lately.”



At the Duke’s call, Nos bowed his head and answered, “Yes.”

“Bring him in to prison.”

Surprised, Turva shouted, “Wait, sir!” with a bluish face. The Duke looked at him and said dryly.

“Get me a definite answer about that headstone, even if you chop him up.”

“Yes,” said Nos, grimly. Turva’s face faded.