“Ei, eight thousand…lady, are you sure that it’s eight thousand?”

To the Emperor’s question, I answered brightly, “Yes!”

“I made it with Veronica! Do you know who she is?”

“Veronica Dubos.”

I laughed inwardly when I saw the Emperor saying her name.

‘Yes, of course you know her.’

The current Emperor, Alexandre, who was the Crown Prince at that time, pardoned Veronica who almost blew up a whole province.

The Duke of Vallua who had a grim expression shouted, “It’s hard to believe that it was created by Veronica Dubos. And eight thousand kilometers is too much!”

He said while approaching the Emperor urgently.

“Think about it, His Majesty. It took us more than a hundred years to upgrade just three kilometers from the original.”


“The human body can’t withstand that, so we have to compress the space. Isn’t it strange that she suddenly compressed a space of 8,000 kilometers?”


“8,000 kilometers means that the whole Empire has been compressed, and does it make sense that everything has been compressed?”

More people nodded, and the Emperor also held his forehead as if he was organizing his thoughts.

The Duke of Vallua looked at me.

“I understand your goodwill, but isn’t it too much to lie for attention?”


“She obviously deceived His Majesty. She’s looking down on you! Be on your knees and ask His Majesty for forgiveness!”

When I saw him shouting, I said, “But it’s true……it really is eight thousand kilometers.”

“Why are you still insisting on something you can’t prove!”

“I can prove it!”

I looked at the Emperor.

“You can ask Veronica to come here and she’ll tell us!”

“Veronica Dubos herself…”

The Emperor said to his lieutenant.

“Where’s her current location?”

“The Dubbled’s mansion outside the capital city. I confirmed it before the banquet.”

Veronica was obliged to wear a location tracker ever since the incident.

It would be a waste to kill her because of her skills, that’s why they keep tabs on her instead.

The Emperor looked at my father.

Dad frowned and picked up a communication device in his arms.

During the short transmission, I sent a signal to the chairman through my communication device.

[Are you ready?]

The communication device blinked twice.


At the same time, dad received Veronica’s answer on his device.

Suddenly, the ground vibrated and the center of the banquet hall was shaking badly. Soon someone appeared while being surrounded by light.

It was time to promote my teleportation device.

After a while the light faded as the Chairman and Veronica Dubos came to view.


“No way!”

Screams erupted everywhere.

The Emperor was stiff.

“It, it’s true…it’s true……!”

It is about 3,200 kilometers from the faraway Dubbled’s mansion.

After checking Veronica’s location, her location was suddenly shown to be here, so there was no doubt about my teleportation device.

“Is 8,000 kilometers true?”

Veronica smiled as the Emperor asked.

“It’s true. If you look at the tracking records, you’ll see that I’ve moved from Dubbled’s mansion to the Empire’s southernmost territory at once.”

The Emperor looked at his lieutenant for confirmation and he nodded.

The banquet hall was buzzing.

“Then, is it true…?”

Veronica Dubos smiled and looked at the Emperor.

“Yes, that’s true. Your Majesty.”

“Is it true that the lady helped you produce the device?”

“She didn’t help me, I helped her……my lord.”

Veronica was famous for being stubborn and often took risks.

She always does what she wants.

The Emperor offered her the position of a court mage, but she rejected it.

Then, when she called me a lord, people’s mouths widened.

Veronica didn’t care and covered her red cheeks with both hands.

“I was so moved by her intelligence and charm that I wanted to pledge my allegiance. My kind lord accepted me.”

“Veronica Dubos did not make it. Then the device must be in the Dubbled’s hands!”

“Oh my god……”

The Emperor looked at me, as I smiled brightly.

When the Emperor reached for my device, I quickly gave it to my father.

“His Majesty doesn’t need it, so I’ll give it to you!”

“…No one would surprise me more than you.”

I smiled and hugged my father’s waist.

Then I said, “Ah!” and took out the papers.

“Veronica gave me this too! The chairman says the item is all mine! Also, there’s a vow here!”

Then Veronica replied, “It’s a sign that I belong to the lord! When I opened my mouth without my lord’s command, I would explode and die! You’re going to have a bigger accident than the explosion in the northeast~!”

Veronica looked so delightful that the chairman shook his head.

Those who experienced the event in the northeast and those who heard the rumors turned pale. The Emperor gulped and approached my father.

Vallua’s device, which had fallen to the floor, was kicked and many footprints were deeply stamped there.

“Duke Dubbled…!”

“I’m sorry. We’ll organize this matter among my family first.”

My father spoke with an unapologetic face as he bowed his head.

“Give me the time. When would it be!”

“I’ll call you later.”

After that, our family left the banquet hall. I looked at the Vallua family, and seeing their broken device on the floor.

The Duke of Vallua looked very grim.

In the first prince’s birthday party, his plan has failed.

‘Oh, I’m going to have a good night sleep today.’

Thinking so, I smiled and put my face on my dad’s shoulder.


The vassals came to our mansion in the capital city.

They were staring at the device with puzzled faces, and soon they looked at me.

“You are brilliant, I’m so proud…!”

“You really are Dubbled’s lucky charm!”

People already forgot the device from Vallua’s family.

All that remained in everyone’s memory was the Dubbled’s device.

Dad took the device I gave him.

“Now I want you to explain what happened.”

“When I visited Veronica’s house before, I heard about the device. Veronica didn’t continue it because she failed the experiment! I thought we wouldn’t need to compress our body if we could protect our body while we were teleporting, so I told her that. And Veronica said, ‘Oh, you might be right!’ and so she helped me make it.”

People opened their mouths when I told them that, “I made it because I remembered my dad wanted it.”

I spoke in a childlike, innocent voice.

“She already had the rough idea, but I helped her clear that up.”

Viscount Dubos gulped and saw my father.

“What would you like to do with it. The imperial family has been vying for it.”

It wasn’t just the imperial family. The nobles lined up in front of Dubbled’s mansion.

I gave my dad the device.

“I’ll give it to you dad!”

My dad, who had been looking at the device for a while, said as he stroked my head.

“This is yours because you made it. I’ll protect it for you. It’s a dangerous thing for you to have.”

I expected my dad would say that.

‘My dad is the coolest guy in the world.’

If it was the others, they wouldn’t even do this.

“I’ll keep it for you.”

“Then I want to use it now!”

Henry asked with a grin.

“Is there somewhere you want to go?”

“No, I want to buy a gift!”

“A gift?”

I whispered to my dad’s ear the person I wanted to give my present. Dad, who was thinking for a while, nodded.


I shouted “Yay!” and hugged my dad. The corners of his mouth were lifted up.

I will use the device to its full potential.

Having revealed it to the world, I was thinking of attacking my enemies properly.


And after 8 days, finally my tea party was held.

I prepared myself and headed to the salon where the party was held.

My godmother, who has just arrived, welcomed me.

I grinned at my godmother.

“Shall we go in?”


As soon as I took her hand, a group of noble ladies approached me.


The ladies who originally wanted to come to Duchess Vallua’s party, came here instead.