I dug into the drawer where Lea put my luggage and struggled.

“Oh my!”

Surprised, Lea quickly pulled me out of the drawer.

“What are you doing?”

“Whele is the bag twhat gwandfather gave me? (Where is the bag that grandfather gave me?)”

“You’re looking for a bag?”

The grandfather, who had left with the Duke, once brought me a children bag. It was a peach-colored elephant-shaped bag.

“The bag is here.”

Lea looked at me with a curious look on her face when she found the bag and put it on her shoulder.

However, I take it and ran out.

Lea, sorry. This is something I have to do alone.

‘Cause I’m getting ready to run away.’

Probably no, the temple’s priests will take me. The Empress gave me a choice, but if the temple insists strongly, she’ll side with them as if I can’t have another choice.

For now, there was no reason to let me stay here and even if the Duke was here, he protested against the Empress.

‘If I’m adopted by Vallua, it’s impossible to run away.’

So, escape while you’re on your way to the capital, you’re escaping.

‘It’s dangerous in this body, but if you go to Vallua, you’ll be abused and killed.’

I’d rather choose the one with hope. I entered the kitchen and poked my face over the cooking table. The cook, who was serving the meal, smiled and asked.

“What’s the matter, little miss?”

“Water, pwese.”


“A lot.”

She pours water into a bottle with a cap saying that I will spill if I carry a lot of water.

“Pwese put it hwere. (Please put it here)”

When I put my back out, the cook laughed and put the water bottle in my bag.

‘Water secured.’

Now the food.

The food was prepared by skipping the snacks. But in case of emergency, I still can’t let go of sweets. The most direct thing to the brain is sweets. I used to act like a child when I was tired, sleepy, or hungry until my brain had finished growing. So, sweets are a must have.

I headed to the candy room that the Duke gave me. I put a candy in my bag.

‘One is too little, right?’

‘Two are still too little...’

One more.

‘Ay, I’m not going to say anything with this.’

The elephant became plump when I put it in. The zipper can’t be zipped. The bag is too small. I only put thirty candies in it.

I need to pack a map and clothes. And then shoes. Light children shoes will soon wear out and are not suitable for long trips. I’m afraid I’ll just have to only put in ten candies. I took out candy from my bag and came back to my room.

Looking at Lea’s eyes, I sneaked behind the curtain as she cleaned up the room. Then I took out some silver coins hidden in the window.

‘1, 2, 3, 4……… 11’

I collected what the vassals gave me. When I came out of preparation, Lea squinted at me.

“What are you going to play with?”



“I don’t pack my bags!”

Lea giggled as I waved my hand wildly to make excuses. But the smile quickly faded. Lea gently hugged me.

“I guess I should let you go…”


“It’s an opportunity to grow up in a better environment and be loved by your parents. It would be good for you.”

I bite my lips and curl up my hair.

“You’ll be happy. You’re such a lovely person, and I’m sure everyone will love you.”

However, Lea smiled as if she had brushed it off quickly. The murmuring voice kept me from crying.

No, Lea.

They don’t like me at all. I’d rather swim in a poo than go!

I thought so, but there was nothing she could do for me, who was just an employee. Any help would only jeopardize Lea’s life.

“Come on, let’s go for a read.”


I nodded and went with Leah to the place where the maids waited. The maids sat me on the sofa.

‘What is it?’

Other employees were standing by the wall and holding something at the bottom of their hands.

‘There’s a lot of that going on these days.’

These people were holding snacks. It was a really delicious snack.

Today’s snack is custard cream. I was looking forward to the cream I had last week because it was so delicious. The horse-riding game we played was fun.

I was saddened by the memory of the Duke of Dubbled. Compared to past life, this place was heaven. When I think about falling into hell while living in heaven, my eyes are watering. When I cried, the employees came running in amazement.

“Little miss, why are you crying?”

“Who made my baby cry? Who did?”

“I’m going to kick their ass!”

Even Lea touched my cheek with a worried look. 

‘If I go, I’ll never see Lea again.’

I’m getting sadder and sadder! I cried out. Maybe it’s because I keep thinking. Nothing could suppress the sorrow. If only the Duke of Dubbled was here. Then there must have been a faint hope that I might not have to go.

He might not let me go because he hates the temple.

“Why is my baby crying?”


“Yes? What’s the matter?”

“I miss the dyuke!”

I didn’t know I’d miss that cold blooded man. Even that made me cry with red nose.


The priests of the church have arrived at the castle of Dubbled. For the past few days, I’ve been crying all the time. I cried while taking a bath in warm water, cried while eating snacks, and cried while sleeping.

If you are dragged in this way, you will surely die again. The return was terrible, my death was unjust, and I was sad because it was unfair. I couldn’t stop crying because it wasn’t clear what to blame.

The employees seemed very worried. They looked at me, not knowing what to do after seeing me off. There is a lot of stuff that the Dubbled’s people took for me.

There were blankets, handkerchiefs, and snacks.

‘They’re really warm people’

When I remember the smiling priest, the wonderful points of the Dubbled’s people became clearer. The man who had come to pick me up had a sharp ring and chain-like bracelets all over his hand.

“Little miss, have you been well?”


“How hard it must’ve been for you all alone here.”

“It wasn’t hawd (it wasn’t hard)”

“Don’t worry now. We found someone who will raise you with love. The Duke of Vallua is a renowned scholar.”

What do you mean by love? The bad guy takes care of me with a rod. Besides, it wasn’t entirely for me that the Temple chose Vallua. Back then, I just picked a friendly family that was good to use.

“I’m not cwoming (I’m not coming)”

“Come on let’s go”


His hands were very rough with me.

“Come on, let’s go!” he said, while pulling my arm.

“It hurts!”

When I shouted loudly, the employees who came out to see me off were startled. As Lea tried to intervene, the butler grabbed her shoulder and shook his head.

“If you do this, you will be cursed by God.”

That’s not what you can say to a child. And I’ve already been cursed, you know. I shook my head to shake off his hand.


“Oho! Bad girl will be beaten by a whip!”

I really thought I was losing my arm this time. He drags me with stronger force. It was so painful.

“If you’re lucky being adopted by a prestigious family that has produced a few great scholars, you should at least show gratefulness.”

Smell of alcohol. The appearance of a leather belt dragging on the floor. The sound of leather cutting through the air.


I felt like I was back in my second life. The priest narrowed his eyes while looking at me panting.  

“Wha-what. What’s wrong with you?”

Then, “Get your hands off my daughter.”

A very low and chilling voice came from the front of the gate.

‘I feel overwhelmed… 一’

It was a voice that brought me back to reality when I was engulfed with the memory. The Duke of Dubbled interrupted me and the priest.

The bewildered priest soon regained consciousness and confronted the Duke.

“The baby will be entrusted to the Duke of Vallua.”

“Then we’ll discuss it again.”

“That’s ridiculous!-“


When the priest protested, the swords of the Dubbled’s knight quickly pointed at the priest’s neck. In the blink of an eye, the face of a priest surrounded by dozens of swords became blue. But the Duke spoke in a leery way.

“I never allowed you to open your mouth.”

“Yo… your excellency……”

Before long, the Duke’s gaze slowly descended and reached me.  Exactly on the red forearm that the priest held firmly. I wondered if there was a slight expectation in my dry eyes like usual. 


The priest, whose arms were twisted in a grotesque shape, screamed.

“Go back. As of today, the child will be in Dubbled. Later, when you want to talk about that, you’ll have to bring more knights from the castle.”

After he pushed the priest away, he gently lifted me up. I sucked my snot which go down to my philtrum.


He, who lightly rubbed my sobbing cheeks, narrowed his brows and said, “You’re ugly.”

Even if you say it. The tears keep falling.

“I’ll have to wash your face.”

He patted me on the back, holding me close to his arms. Then he turned to the castle without hesitation.