LeBlaine left the room with the maid, as Henry’s eyes narrowed.

 ‘What is up with that guy…’

Henry is a genius who learned how to write when he was only three years old, and his younger brother, who is somewhat stupid by his standards, still has more brains than others.

His surrounding is full of sly adults. Henry, who lived in such a world, could not understand a naive child.

In addition, he thinks there’s no way a child who is connected to the temple and the imperial family knows nothing.

I need to be cautious.

Henry folded the parchment carefully, put it in the book, and turned around to Isaac.

“You, if you stay stupid, there won’t be any room left.”

Then Isaac punched the wall with his fist. Henry looked as if he had seen a strewn earthworm by the side of the road. Then the startled Isaac hardened his face.

“Not a single thing about him is cute.”

That afternoon, Isaac approached LeBlaine.


The girl, who was playing with buttons alone, raised her head.

Isaac approached her carefully, it is very awkward.

 LeBlaine mumbled, showing her buttons slightly.

 “Thewe awe twelve. (There are twelve)”


“What are you talking about. If you’re making trouble—"

When LeBlaine blinked her eyes, Isaac touched his waist.

 ‘Are you trying to get your sword out?’

Isaac, who took something out of his waist, was about to declare something to LeBlaine. So, LeBlaine hurrily said, “I’m very scared–!”


 “— I’m going to eat bread alone in front of you.”

 Then LeBlaine said hastily, “It hurts!”, he withdrew with a frightened face.

 Henry muttered with a look.

 “Are you both stupid?”



Children are also poisonous. I can’t believe you’re eating bread alone! When you are fully childlike, you will fight Isaac and try to steal the bread.

‘But, if I yank Isaac’s precious hair, I’ll be kicked out right away.’

“I won’t lwook at it (I won’t look at it.)”

 “Yes, that’s a good girl.”

 Isaac smiled with a triumphant face. When he tried to stand up, I grabbed him by the collar.

 “Why, why…”

He asked perplexed.

“Byead… (Bread…)”


 As I nodded, Isaac cut the bread in half.

I quickly take the bread and bit it.

‘Oh, sugar, of course.’

This stimulating taste.

Isaac stared at me when I am eating hurriedly and glanced at the bread I was holding. He looked pitiful.

So, I cut the bread and give it to him

 “……It’s okay. I’ve got more at home.”

Before we knew it, we squatted down by the wall and ate the bread. The servants passing through the corridor laughed at us, and Henry, who was walking with a book, left, looking at Isaac with a weird look.

 Lea found me when I was almost done with the bread.

 “Oh my, little miss.”

Gasp! I got caught. Today Lea told me not to eat first, she’s giving me strawberries for a snack. Lea’s concern these days is that I would get cavities because I eat too many sweets.

Lea sees me, so I quickly made an excuse.

“Isyak gave it to me! (Isaac gave it to me!)”

Isaac saw me in panic, so he said, “I give it to her.”

“I see….”

Lea smiled helplessly and wipe the crumbs off my mouth.

“You’ve had a good meal, so let’s skip snacks today.”


“Then master. I’ll take her. It’s time for a nap.”


Lea hugged me and turned around as I waved at Isaac. Lea stroked my head as she walked towards my room.

“I heard you are very lovely at the dining room before.”


“Little miss is so lovable that everyone will fall in love with you. I knew they will like you!”

No, Lea. Henry and Isaac don’t like me. A deep sigh came out. After barely sucking up to the Duke of Dubbled, Henry and Isaac, suddenly appeared.

I have to live here for years before I defect. I’d better keep a nice image. To do that, I’ll have to chase them diligently. I need to see them often to get attached. With that determination, I clenched my fist.


I got up early in the morning and came down to the dining room to have breakfast with the Duke. Recently, me and the Duke often eat together, but breakfast was an exception. His breakfast was awfully early for me, a child, who had to sleep all day like a koala to be energized.

The reason why I woke up so early today is because the vassals told me that Henry and Isaac are back! In other words, two children will also attend the breakfast today. Henry and Isaac are always too busy. If we didn’t meet at this time, I had no choice but to chase after them. But that would be counterproductive because they would be annoyed.

‘So, after this, naturally, I’ll ask them to hang out with me.’

I poked my face through the door of the dining room. The Duke sits at the middle of the long table. To his right sat Henry and Isaac.

“Is it the little miss?”

It was Nos who had seen me first.

Then all attention is focused on me. The Duke looked at me, too.

‘It’s too hard. How can I go in?’

While agonizing, Nos said with a smile. 

“You must be here because you miss the Duke!”

It’s not like that, but I had nothing to say, so I just blinked.

When I glanced at the Duke, he seemed to be in high spirits for some reason.

“Come here.”

I walked to him slowly. He held me in his lap as I approached him.

After several meals on his lap, this has become quite familiar.

“The rumors, …were true.”

The first time I become familiar with the vassals, Dubos was always the one full of laughter.

“The baby sat well on the Duke’s lap from the start. She’s still eating on his lap.”


“The baby is so gentle, so cute…”

“She’s not picky. Isn’t it amazing that such a young child eats bell peppers and carrots very well?”

Isaac flinched at the mention of carrots. But the vassals didn’t notice and continued. The ones who talk are all close aides of the Duke who went through many accidents including “the Marco incident,” and “the fraudster incident.”

They raised their jaws and talk confidently.

“She also has a good memory and is very good at greeting!”

Their eyes are on me again.

The vassal’s eyes are like ‘Show us!’ They seemed to be bragging. I opened my mouth, though I had an unwilling look.

“…. Hi”

Dubos and the vassals laughed proudly. I tried hard to look back at the situation where they boasted and somehow the shame caught up to me. Today, Henry and Isaac, see the vassals as if they were madmen.

Mr. Dubos was just a kind old man to me, but he was a man who was in charge of the intelligence department of Dubbled.

I once confirmed with my own eyes that the three persons that Vallua had sent had been caught in the hands of Viscount Dubos and returned as a dead body.

Their tongue and several fingers disappeared; it was so inhumane.

Even his name is enough to incite fear. So, this favor is a proof of my long life in this place.

I started talking about various things. Suddenly, the door of the dining room is once again opened when the tedious political debate was going on and off.

“I’m sorry for being too late.”

It was an old man with white hair who came inside.


 It was the very person that Nos find gruesome the other day.