The woman who took me to the bathroom smiled and carefully stripped me out of the uncomfortable clothes. 

“Call me Lea, little miss.”


“From now on, we will have fun playing in warm water. Are you looking forward to it?”


“Ah, great.”

Lea patted me on the back as if I was cute and received water. Soon after the maids came in and I started a full-fledged bath. 

It was very comfortable because they washed it for me as I sat in the warm water.

It was a little hard to hold back from touching the soft foam. 

‘You have to behave yourself.’

The naughty child is hated. I knew that the help of an employee was essential for a child who was not cared for by their parents to live.

The maids’ hand movements were very quick and skillful. So it wasn’t that hard to cut back on the washing time.

‘The Duke of Dubbled is a bad guy, but he’s not trash like the Duke of Vallua.’

He didn’t hit me, he put an employee on me. The Duke of Dubbled, who hit the bottom in my favorability, had a very slight increase. 

After the bath, Lea dressed me in cozy clothes. The clothes that the Empress Dowager’s maid put on me were very uncomfortable because they were rough and big.

While Lea buttoned my clothes, the maids chattered.

“Is the Master really going to adopt?”

“Even if it’s the Empress Dowager orders, he’s not the type to follow.”

“But she’s a Child of Fate.”

“About that…,” the maid glanced at the door and whispered. 

“There are many opinions that this is a misinterpretation. The amount of divine power inherent in the baby’s body is so low”

This was the reason why Duke Vallua treated me carelessly. 

There are a lot of people who don’t think of me as the Child of Fate.

“It’s not something to say in front of the baby.”

Lea gave the maids a glare, and gave me a mug. 

“Come on, drink it,” the sweet voice made me a little relieved. It’s hard to live if you’re being ignored by your employees, like in Vallua’s time.

The sweetness spreading in the mouth, was as soft as a cotton, and the bitter scent was pushed in. Leah looked at me drinking chocolate as if I was cute, and gently wiped the chocolate around my mouth.

“Now shall we go to the master?” it was a pity I couldn’t scrape the chocolate off the bottom with a spoon, but I followed Leah in a gentle manner.

‘You have to be nice.’

‘Compared to my previous life, this is heaven, and I loved it. He doesn’t care about me; he didn’t raise his hand to me. And he gives me a whole cup of chocolate. It’s the best condition to stay here before defecting!’

‘But I don’t think the Duke will easily adopt me. He’s a man rumored to be cold-blooded with no blood or tears. And it didn’t seem to me that the rumors were wrong. I can’t just let go of it. I didn’t want to die after being beaten again by the Duke of Vallua. It is no good to be a beggar and die of starvation.’ 

It was the Duke’s office where Lea took me

I saw a Duke talking to two men who appeared to be officers. I put Lea’s hand down, I ran and hung on the Duke’s leg. Lea was startled, then the officer took me away from him.

‘But I don’t want to die miserable again.’

‘I don’t want to go back. I’ll have a small meal. I’m not going to do this again because I want to be loved.’

‘So please–‘

Then he grabbed the collar around my neck, stroked it up, and muttered, 

“Don’t distract me,” 

I grabbed his neck and rubbed my face on his cheek.
“Dyuke, Like.” (Duke, Like/ I like you) 

The Duke has hardened his posture.


Empire of Wigentra, a country with the world’s most vast expanse of land. This is the case if we divide the power perspective of Wigentra so far. 
<The established church.>

<The Imperial Household.>

<5 Duke>.  

The three formed an equilateral triangle, which keep each other in check or unite them to achieve the prosperity of the empire. This triangle has undergone significant changes. The Duke of Dubbled, the only family that pushed out the 5 Dukes, took the last place. The Dubbled’s manor boasted great feats indeed.

A stone floor without a single scratch and hexagonal columns with delicate patterns. A luxurious chandelier showing off its presence on the ceiling. Treasures nestled in close proximity to each decorative cabinet lined up on the wall.  The nature and countless towers of East and West, the endless forest surrounding the north, etc. But the Duke of Dubbled, the owner of such an enormous castle, was not very easy.

‘He won’t adopt me for my cuteness. Fortunately, it wasn’t a total failure. Even if he didn’t adopt me, He gave me a room to stay for a while’

If I had been kicked right away, I might have gone to Val Lua. I covered my mouth with a fist and laughed.

I really liked the room the Duke of Dubbled gave me. There was no time to be bored because there were many toys and playmates as well as warm and cozy beds. And it’s been ten days since I stayed in this castle. I was paying my rent steadily. 

“What else did the ‘hat lady’ say?“

“Ori halkwon is in di old plawtew.” (Oriharkon is in the old plateau.) 


The vassals are blown by the news

I sat on the Duke’s lap, staring at the excited Duke.

“It’s amazing. How can you be so smart?”

“That’s why she’s the Child of Fate.”

The vassals laughed. My conscience pricked me.

‘In fact, it’s a child of fake destiny. It wasn’t like I could remember pre-reincarnation memories at will’.

It’s hard to do “adult thinking” with an immature brain.

If I deepen an adult’s thinking with this body, I would either sleep for days or days, or I would feel extremely hungry. When I was hungry or sleepy, I became a total baby.

One vassal was about to touch my head as if I was cute, so I was amazed and hung around the Duke’s neck. 

‘Ka, I’m surprised! I was surprised that someone I didn’t know was trying to touch!’

“Child, you’re very shy.”

As the old vassal laughed and said that, the vassal that tried to touch me retract his hands.

“It’s amazing that you’re able to stay close to each other.”

“Other children will be overwhelmed by your energy and cry”

“Can you tell us the story of the altar and imperial family?”

The reason why I only talk in the Duke’s lap is because the abuse of the Duke of Vallua that has made me view adult men as extremely low.

‘It’s weird if I put it that way, because Duke Dubbled doesn’t count.’ 

“Come down and sit down,” said the Duke. I answered and sat on his lap again.