Yuni put the paper and pencils on the table.

“Are you working on your homework?”

Oh, that’s right. I had come here under the pretext of doing my homework.

While trying to grab the pencil, I found a scar on Yuni’s hand.

“Yuni, huwt.” (Yuni, you’re hurt)

“Ah, I got cut because I was careless. It’s nothing, so don’t worry about it.”

Then Seria came to us.

“I have the medicine.”

“It’s all right……”

“An employee’s body is also an asset. We need to take care of it well.”

Seria applied medicine on her hand, as Yuni replied with a slightly embarrassed face, “Thank you…”

“Don’t mention it.”

Coming out of the room after finishing my homework, I went to the Duke’s office.

‘Now that I know who the wanted criminal is, I need to find the evidence to get that bounty.’

To do that, I have to keep the wanted criminal next to me. I thought of making the convict as my teacher under the pretext of wanting a full-fledged lesson.

I knocked and entered while the Duke was talking to one of his vassals. There was a huge box on the Duke’s desk.

‘What’s inside…?’


It was the holy object that made Mina exert her power.

But that one was different from Mina’s. Mina’s Etwal was platinum, but this was all gold. And the corners of the hexagonal center didn’t have jewels attached to them.

‘That’s it. The second Etwal.’

The one that Turva wanted to get his hands on by swindling the Duke of Dubbled.

‘How did they get their hands on it already?’

I’ve heard about the war, but it couldn’t have ended this fast. Suddenly, the vassal said to the Duke.

“The citizens of that continent were suffering from tyranny so much that they directly opened the gates for our troops. Thanks to that, the trip was faster.”

“Did you send this news to the Emperor?”

“Of course, he said he was most pleased with this year’s gift, and that he would send an edict to honor you.”

“What a pain in the neck.”

Viscount Dubos looked at me.

“This is all thanks to you. If you didn’t recognize the con artist, how could we have known about the existence of the second Etwal?”

The vassals laughed. I felt good too.

The Duke of Vallua must have had a heart attack. He had put a lot of effort into this year’s gift. He had even borrowed money from his in-laws. In my previous life, because of the gift, he bought the Emperor’s favor and acquired the tea leaf trade that he had been aiming for.

He is going all out, but if he fails this time, he will suffer from debt.

‘Well, that’s not my problem.’

What’s urgent now is my money, not their money. Now that I’ve found the wanted criminal,

‘I have to catch him myself.’

That’s how I’ll get the reward.

I stretched my arm towards the Duke sitting in his chair.

“Dyuke, give me a hug”


The Duke stared at me.

‘That’s weird, he usually hugs me immediately.’

It wasn’t until I gave a curious glance did the Duke put me on his lap.

“What brings you here?”

Well, given that he’s trying to listen, he must be in a good mood today.

It means I don’t have to run away right now or avoid him for the time being.

“Bwaine wanted to study.”

“I’m sure you’re already learning the letters.”

“Now I know all the letters. I’m learning hard and I want something new. “

The Duke stared at me and then opened his mouth again.

“It will be difficult to spend time with Henry and Isaac if you take classes in earnest.”

“It’s ok.”

“They’re your favorite. You wouldn’t want to be away for a second, right?”

Why are you talking about it here? I tilted my head. Everyone in the room looked at me with desperate expressions.

I didn’t know what this feeling was, but the experiences I had was telling me. I need to do well here.

“No. Henly and Isyac are the nicest in the world. But my most favorite person in the universe is dyuke!” (No. Henry and Isaac are the nicest in the world but my most favorite person in the universe is Duke!)


I looked at the Duke’s expression with a nervous heart.

“……Who taught you this?”

The Duke, who smiled, lightly glanced at my head. I looked at the vassals and administrators at the front desk.

Viscount Dubos replied quickly as if a button had been pressed.

“Where would a child learn to say that?”

“That’s right. Your baby must really like you the best. I’ve never even heard that from my children.”


Other vassals also echoed, saying, “I envy you!”

“My daughter gets so annoyed every time I ask for a hug.”

“I always beg my daughter to hug me.”

“It’s a blessing.”

Finally, the Duke’s lips curled up. I wiped the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand.

‘They are really good at flattery.’

The Duke allowed himself to take the compliments from the vassals in earnest.

“I’ll tell Nos.”


I shouted in amazement, but I suddenly came to my senses and laughed awkwardly.

“Nos has lots of papers to do. I’ll stwudy with someone else” (Nos has a lot of papers to do. I’ll study with someone else.)


“The admwinistrator sister and bwoter are smart.” (The administrator sister and brother are smart.)

I spoke as childishly as I could. Soon, the vassals in the office nodded, “I heard that she had a good time with the administrators, and they seem to like her.”

The Duke nodded. Finally, I succeeded in turning the wanted criminal into my teacher as planned.


Two days later in the morning.

Lea and the maids surrounded me. There were packaged boxes in my hands.

“They’re all Children’s Day presents.”

“You’re curious, aren’t you?”


Handmade gloves and mufflers, ribbons, fountain pens, sketchbooks. I had known everything since yesterday, but I pretended otherwise.

I didn’t forget to jump and smile widely whenever the gifts were opened one by one. The maids beamed and hugged me.

“Little Miss is very cute today~”

But I truly was grateful for their sincerity.

I took out a couple of books and headed for the administrator’s room. Charlie, Seria, and Jacob were there first.

“It’s an honor to teach you. I know I’m not good enough, but I’ll do my best.”

Seria greeted me and continued.

“Jacob and Charlie will teach you the Imperial language, and I will teach you history.”

“Let’s learn the imperial language from Jacob and Charlie first, and then let’s go around the castle with me and talk about the history of Dubbled!”

Seria was very motivated. The class began when I nodded. Meanwhile, Jacob’s eyes looked very unusual today.

“I heard you memorized those letters in two days. Now, let’s combine those letters and make a word.”

“Let’s learn a foreign language first.”

Charlie suddenly stepped in and smacked Jacob’s head with a thick book.

“How can she speak a foreign language when she’s not fluent in the language of the empire yet?”

“Unless you’re not stupid, you’ll learn it naturally.”

Then he pushed Jacob aside and looked at me.

“Other Dubbleds kids knew how to memorize the Bible when they were at her age. I’m sure she can learn the language of the Empire, right?”


Unfortunately, I’m not a real Dubbled, to be able to memorize the Bible at that age. Even after he was humiliated yesterday, his attitude had remained unchanged.

Rather, he seemed to have become more intimidating.

“I don’t know where you heard those rumors, but it was an excellent choice to choose me as your teacher.”

“Honestly, I think I should be in charge of everything in your education. Yeah, well, think of this as a rehearsal, I look forward to the future.”

It was totally different from Nos’s class, which focused on the important points and still allowed me to actively participate.

It was a class where he only boasted about his knowledge. If I was really just a child, I wouldn’t have understood anything.

After the first class, I left for Seria’s class.

I caught the maids chattering as I went into the castle

“The new administrators really give me the creeps except for Seria.”

“I agree with Charlie, but why Jacob?”

“I don’t like him seeing the baby and saying she’s small and cute every time.”

“But It’s true that our baby is small and cute.”

“…His gaze is like that of an animal’s.”

“You are too sensitive.”

When all maids left except for Lea, Seria came running,

“Little miss!”

She had a thick bundle of data in her hand. Her forehead was full of sweat.

“I should have been here sooner. I’m sorry. I had stopped by the library for my last inspection.”

“It’s ok.”

“You’re very nice…”

Seria, while smiling, walked close to me. Naturally, Lea had retreated to the back. I felt that Seria was a really good teacher.

‘She must be used to teaching kids.’

Her explanation was not difficult at all. Plus, she was good at handling children.


When I fell while concentrating on her explanation, Lea came running in amazement.

“Little Miss, are you alright? Your knees are red.”

Unlike Lea, who was so worried, Seria fixed my skirt and said calmly.

“Are you all right?”

Seria, who fixed my skirt, rose. Then the hem of her skirt pushed up as her foot was revealed.

There was a burn scar on her foot.