Not only the brothers, but numerous vassals, administrators, officers, and high-ranking employees were also present.

It smelled of blood. Jacob, who had been beaten to a pulp, was covered with a blanket. Blood dripped down from Isaac’s sword and Henry’s hands. Meanwhile, Seria was kneeling and her head was lowered.

I was worried that the soldiers would drag Seria away, but I think they have something to ask Seria about Jacob.

The Duke asked in a lowered voice.

“Are you hurt?”

I answered immediately

“Not hurt!”


The Duke’s gaze hardened as I mumbled again.

“My head, a bit.”

Then the back of Henry’s hand shone blue with a flame-like pattern which was unlike Isaac’s mana. A light surrounded Jacob, stretched out like an arrow, and entered between the blankets.


Jacob wriggled like he was being strangled. On the other side, Isaac rushed towards him.

“Son of a bitch.”

He gave vent to his anger as he trampled on his head several times. No one dared to stop him.

‘He’s very scary.’


Isaac stopped at the Duke’s words, clucked, and retreated. Then the administrators lined up in front of the Duke and bent their knees. At the very front was Nos, who was in charge of all the officials inside the castle. Suddenly, one vassal shouted.

“I beg you with a tearful heart. Slash Eugene Nos’s throat, which has attracted an unfaithful seed to the castle!”

Nos wasn’t able to participate in the selection. My adoption case and the Etwal case, not to mention the Teramore case were to blame.

‘That’s why the newly appointed administrators were in such a mess.’

It’s just that Nos was responsible for this, so they blame him instead.


I looked at the silent Duke and Nos with a nervous heart. The Duke won’t easily forgive him just because he is a close aide.

It’s a shame. He is a very talented man.

The Duke replied as he gently pressed his temples with eyes closed.

“Then do so.”

Nos answered without a hint of expression, “There’s no excuse.”

‘Nos, you liar! There’s an excuse for that.’

In Dubbled, the reason why they were insisting on the examination for the new employees for the possibility of spies was because they were confident that the test won’t be cracked easily by anyone and the reason why the Dubbled manor was not equipped with safety devices was that Henry, Isaac, and the Duke were far superior to the knights, so they were safe even without them.

“All the administrators involved in the recruitment process will have to appear before the council.”

The Duke continued.

“Eugene Nos, cut your wrists.”

A dagger fell in front of Nos. People looked sad as if they knew this would happen. Nos slowly picked the dagger with trembling hands. As soon as the dagger was about to touch his wrist,


I burst into tears. Everyone looked at me in surprise. The eyes of the Duke and Henry grew bigger in surprise. Henry and Isaac came running towards me.

“Why are you crying? Who hit you again? Who is it, who is it?!”


“Dyuke’s scary!”

Ahh…my dignity.

“The Duke is really scary for me too! Many people are scared of him too! It’s natural to be scared!”

Isaac said restlessly and Henry wiped away my tears. The Duke, who was still looking at me with his eyes wide open, said something to the butler.

The butler carried me and took me to the Duke.




I wriggled my hands while holding on to my runny nose.

“Nwos hands.. no cutting”


The Duke seemed a little embarrassed.

‘That’s right, it’s time.’

I clung to his leg and my face was all crumpled.

“Dyuke, forgive Nos.”

“……I understand. Stop crying.”

That’s what he said, as he held me in his lap and wiped my tears



When I looked back, Nos was staring at me blankly.

‘You’re mine now because I’ve protected you this far.’

It was the moment when the lieutenant of the Duke came into my own hands.


Thanks to LeBlaine’s tears, the administrators could barely keep themselves from being dragged to the council.

Nos’s wrists were safe.

They all knelt before LeBlaine and thanked her.

Nos, who was at the forefront, bowed his head at the child’s feet. It was a pledge of loyalty that even Johann, the eldest son of Dubbled, had never received.

Once things had come to an end, Isaac and Henry came into their private study room. After entering the room, Isaac was unusually quiet.



“Our little sister, would she had become like the slaves we saw that time if she had been taken away?”

Henry’s hand, which was writing something on the paper, stopped.

“…. I guess.”

The teacher, who had educated the two since they were babies, had said it was common for the weak to be eaten by the strong. They thought he was right.

The two had never been in the shoes of the weak.

Even their mana and family made them the highest of predators. Nothing and no one around them had ever been weak, so they could not sympathize with the fear of the weak.

‘But LeBlaine…’

In Isaac and Henry’s head, the image of LeBlaine, wearing shackles like the Lunetia siblings, came up.

The captured LeBlaine, curled up in front of the whip and kept sobbing while calling for Henry and Isaac.

Their faces hardened.

They felt strange.

Isaac stood up and looked straight at Henry.

“Are you rebuilding ‘Heaven’?”

“Why, do you want to buy a slave?”

“I’m not buying anything. Can’t we let them go?”

Then Henry replied to Isaac, who held the door handle.

“Dimwit, if you just go and knock them down, they’ll let the slaves go?”

Henry threw the document he was writing to Isaac.

“Go tell Nos.”

“What is this?”

Henry grinned, leaning more into the luxurious chair.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll hear soon that Heaven’s owner committed suicide this evening.”


Isaac looked at him in admiration.

“You’re cool…”

That evening, nearly a hundred slaves owned by Heaven were all released.



“Little Miss”

When I was asleep, I opened my eyes to a voice that seemed to be whispering in my ears. Lea and the maids were looking at me from the bedside.

“Morning alweady?”

“It’s evening.”

“I want to sleep more…”

When I rubbed my eyes and said that, Lea patted me.

“The master is looking for you. How about we go for just a moment and come back soon?”

‘The Duke?’

I pulled myself up. In the afternoon, I asked Nos to investigate Jacob’s “customer”. I had already figured it out. I left the room with the maids.

‘It smells delicious.’

Was a meal prepared at this late hour? I opened the door, wondering what was going on, but there were countless employees, including Duke, Henry, and Isaac.

The table was full of all kinds of delicious things. The Duke and the pair of brothers had a box on each side.

‘Oh, right.’

Today was Children’s Day. I had received gifts from the maids, but I forgot. Isaac ran up to me and took out a big box.

It was so big and heavy that I couldn’t lift it.

“Unlock it. Quickly.”

I opened the box. It was a training bow without arrowheads. Light enough for a child.

Next was Henry.

I opened the box that he gave me, there was a very cute little dress. A soft cloth, like a lump of snow, with small wings attached to its back.

My heart was full of gratitude that I hugged Henry and Isaac at once. The corners of their mouths crept upwards. At the same time, the Duke pulled out an envelope for me.

“Open it.”

I glanced at him, opened the envelope, and checked the contents of it.

…. I put it back in quickly.

‘I think I just saw something awesome.’

I took a deep breath several times and slowly took out the paper.

It was the same letter on a luxurious piece of paper decorated with gold foil.

[Certificate of Rights]

Oh my god.

I looked at the Duke with a blank face. My hands holding the paper was shaking. My heart was beating so hard that I pressed down on my chest.

Is this the joy of having a rich father?

I hear trumpet sounds and fireworks popping in my head.