It was already night when I came out.

I recalled that the Etwal was being kept in the Duke’s office and quickly headed there.

As I walked down the dark corridor to the office, I saw light leaking through a crack in the office’s door.

Then came a voice.

“Look at Cattlea! It’s all because of that Child of Fate!”

When the baron’s wife shouted in her trembling voice, the baron also voiced his grievances.

“Why did she attack my daughter? She didn’t do anything wrong!”

“You have to hold the Child of Fate responsible. Someone who has that much power doesn’t fall into the category of a child!”


It was Isaac who said so.

The child sat and lightly supported his head with his fist, his other arm was on the sofa armrest.

When the baron and his wife asked, “Pardon?” Isaac muttered in a faint voice.

“I want to kill you.”

“How can you be so cruel? Cattlea is your cousin…”

Then Henry put down the teacup and smiled.


Seeing his honey-sweet smile, hope came to the couple’s faces. The baron replied with a bright expression.

“As expected, Master Henry supports Cattlea…”

“I’m only putting up with you for now.”


“It wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t been fooling around in the first place.”


‘It’s too crowded. Shall I go back and come back tomorrow?’

But I needed to find Etwal before the voice made me too tired.

As soon as I was thinking about it, “Kid!”


The brothers, who had managed to find me, stood up.

“Are you all right?”

“Why didn’t you sleep?”

“I’m hewe becwause I’m fine.” (I’m here because I’m fine.)

I was surprised by the way I spoke. My pronunciation, which had been improving so far, had degenerated.

‘As expected, I have to find Etwal today and ask the voice how to get back to my normal condition.’

“I miss the dyuke…”

Then Henry and Isaac opened the door wide and let me in.

When I entered the room, I could see whatever I couldn’t from the outside.

The people present were looking at me with the expression of a person who appraised things.

I approached the Duke and looked at him with tearful eyes.


The Duke quickly hugged me as I rubbed my eyes.

“What happened?”

The brothers came up to me in no time.

“What’s wrong? Huh? Are you hurt anywhere?”

I buried my head in the Duke’s chest and pointed at the baron with my index finger.

“I hwate that old man, he wooks scawy. (I hate that old man, he looks scary.)”

Upon hearing my words, Isaac glared at him.

“I’ll pull out his eyes.”

Henry, staring at the Baron with cold eyes, replied to Isaac.

“I told him to use nice words in front of LeBlaine. Also, I’m going to gouge his eyes out.”

In any case, he really meant to pull out his eyeballs.

The baron smiled awkwardly and laughed nervously in response.

Soon, he hurriedly gave the Duke a bow and headed for the door. The others followed after him.

Cattlea only glanced at me before she went out.

All of them went out, except for Nos and some vassals, including Dubos himself.

The Duke stroked my hair and asked.

“Don’t you need more rest?”

“I’m okay.”

“Stubborn. Is there anything you want to eat? What do you need?”

As soon as I heard that, my eyes widened as realization struck me.

‘Yes, I can’t steal the Etwal from the office directly.’

Then I’ll have no choice but to sneak in with the help of the voice. But I can’t control my divine power, if the Dubbled family’s mage appears again, it will become really difficult.

‘So, when he said he’d give me anything, it meant I should just say what I want.’

I looked up at him with caution and said, “The Etwal pwease.”

The vassals and Nos’s eyes seemed to bulge out. Even Isaac and Henry looked like they received a great shock.

“Huh? Kid, that’s…”

“LeBlaine, the Etwal….”

I couldn’t just ask for something precious like the Etwal was what everyone seemed to say...

‘Let’s do something.’

I held my hands together and looked at the Duke with sparkling eyes.

“Daddy…. Bwaine, give me Etwal.”

I felt goosebumps all over my body, but I tried to speak as cutely as I could.

I’d rather give up my dignity than to pee on my bed.

‘Why is it so quiet? Didn’t it work?’

Just then…


Some noise was heard.

When I opened my eyes gently, there was a half-jilted wooden box placed on the desk.

As the Duke opened the box, I heard a bomb going off.

It was the sound of the 12-fold barrier that Dubbled’s 100 mages had made day and night continuously for a week.


With the last chain of the box rattled off, and blood surged like a fountain from the Duke’s hand.

The Duke who caught the Etwal while reaching it out to me said, “Do you want me to take what’s in the church?”

“……No that’s fine.”








‘Until when do I have to do this?’

The Duke, who was about to hear this voice all night long, yet he acted as if he didn’t get tired of it.

In the end, I was able to come down from the Duke’s lap with a passionate performance like a theater actress, “Oh, my head….!”

Henry and Isaac looked at me with a very dim expression painted on their faces as they were holding the doorknob.

‘…It’s somehow ominous.’

Then I left the room with the Etwal.

‘I can’t do it in front of Lea.’

I looked around and found a suitable place to talk with the voice.

In the end, I went to the garden.

‘Am I qualified now?’

—I thought, but the voice didn’t answer me back.

‘Why did it suddenly get quiet?’

I snorted inwardly and shook the Etwal.

‘Do I need the same amount of divine power as before?’

It was at the moment when she instilled divine power very, very gently into the Etwal she was holding, that a gust of wind blew. Leaves and petals mingled in the wind and scattered, so LeBlaine covered her eyes with her arms.

“It’s finally time to say hello like this.”


The voice did not sound directly in my head as before; it sounded like it was near my ears.

I put down the arm that was covering my eyes.

Under the full moon stood a long silver-haired beautiful man, reminiscent of a lily flower.

“I am the twenty-second pillar, Boone.”

His fine silver hair fluttered in the wind. Behind him was a pillar of burning fire.

“I was looking forward to meeting you.”


When I didn’t say anything, he looked at me and scratched his head.

“Hmm? Are you surprised? Why aren’t you talking?”



“Huwwy up and put out the fiwe!” (Hurry up and put out the fire!)

‘What if people find out that I’m here?!’ 

The voice, no, Boone erased the fire. He just erased it.

Every time he swayed his hand in the air, the pillar disappeared as if he used an eraser on paper.

“I didn’t mean to surprise you, child. My ‘column’ is something only you can see anyway.”

“Why can I see it?”

“Because you called for me.”

“Twen, can someone else caww you? (Then can someone else call you?)”

“If they have strong tenacity and possess extremely rare luck with a price, of course, they can.”

“What’s the price?”

“Their soul.”

I was shocked.

“Do I hwave to gwive you my soul too?” (Do I have to give you my soul, too?)

“No way. If someone grows up to be this powerful, they’re qualified, they won’t have to pay a price. You can keep us alive with just your divine power.”

I was glad to hear that.

‘Boone. I’ve heard about that name before.

And stories such as the pillar and the soul.

As I was pondering about it, I got so nervous that I suddenly stood up.

“Mistew, no way….”

“The word ‘mister’ makes me a little sad.”

“No way.”


“Awe you a devil?!” (Are you a devil?!)

He smiled brightly.

“That’s the right answer.”

My dad is cunning. One of my brothers is a war buff and the other a poisonous snake.

The maids are serial killers, crooks, and loan sharks.

And I suddenly summoned a devil in such a place.

‘What a luck.’

They chose me as the Child of Fate to represent the church, yet I summoned a devil.

I grabbed my back and let out a sigh.

But the son of a bitch, who looked at me with sparkling eyes, hugged me. He rubbed his cheeks on my face. Thanks to him, my cheeks became red.

“Oh no, what do I do? You’re much cuter than I thought. Your cheeks are plump, and your hands are soft.”

He muttered in an ecstatic voice.

“Let gwo of me.”

“Your eyes are round, and your hair is fluffy.”


Shouting out of frustration, I made Boone sullen.

“I didn’t mean to. I just love babies. I’ve been waiting for a long time to meet one. A special being that will call upon us.”

“How come?”

“We’ve always granted someone’s wish. But no one could grant our wish. It’s something only Gaman can do.”

He grinned and said, “So sweetheart you can wish for anything. In order for us to exert power, we will need a lot of the divine power from you.”

“But why divine powel? If you’we a devil, you shwoldn’t like divinity. (But why divine power? If you’re a devil, you shouldn’t like divinity.)”

“I’d rather ask.”


“Why do you think we don’t hate divine power?”

“You don’t hwate it? (You don’t hate it?)”

“Yes, but there are those whose wishes that use enormous amounts of divine power.”

I nodded as I hummed.

“Good, what can I do for you?”

“You finally asked me that!”

He made eye contact with me with great joy.

“So, what do you want?”