I ate a cookie with tears and a runny nose. I couldn’t think of anything because it was delicious when I chewed it, but after swallowing it, I kept crying because I was sad. The Duke of Dubbled is a real cheap bastard. I can eat the leftover bread. Why are you so angry about it? I looked at Duke Dubbled sitting opposite me with a resentful look.

Lea, who brought me the cookie by the order of the Duke, said with an embarrassed tone. 

“She went to bed early and she couldn’t eat. So…”  

“So, she picked up the bread thrown away by the servants.”


Leah’s face went blue. She curled her lips tightly, looking very guilty. But Leah was not at fault.

After feeling somewhat full, I reached my hand out to Lea.

“I’ll go…” 

I was sorry that I hadn’t finished the cookies. But I don’t want to see the good Lea get scolded by bad guys!

At that time, the Duke stretched out his hand as I hugged the arm of Lea. The Duke’s hand, which was about to pass the rest of the cookies, stopped in the air. …On the table with the bowl plate and milk, the wind blew. 




“What’s wrong with her?”

“I think she’s scared of getting scolded a little while ago.”

Lea is right. I was just awfully frightened being threatened by the Duke. His gaze alone makes me nervous.

The Duke looked at me with strange eyes and I was even more scared. So I whined, ”I’m gwoing back.” (I’m going back.)

Leah soothed me with a troubled look, and at one point, she bit her lips as if she had made up her mind. 



“Little miss must finish the meal, so you must go back!”

I think it sounded like a knight running to the great army alone.

The Duke stared at me, and I lurched behind Leah’s arm. Soon he nodded. As soon as we went back, Lea bent her back and hugged me. 

Lea, left the room quickly, and vomited. Her face is blue and her lips are shaking. 

Lea, as an employee of the Duke of Dubbled, may have watched how cold-hearted he is.  So how scary it would have been to speak like that. 

‘Oh, a person like her is a little rare.’

I was thrilled and rubbed her face in her arms. Lea took me to the room and brought me something to eat. It was a milk porridge with chestnuts in it.

I patted my stomach after emptying two bowls of milk porridge. 

“I’m sowwy that i kweep gettwing hungrwy. (I’m sorry that I keep getting hungry.)” 

Then Leah hugged me with a tearful face.  

“Don’t say that. Little miss needs to eat a lot and sleep a lot.” 

She laughed and laid me on the bed and pulled the blanket to the end of my neck. 

“Have a good dream, little miss.” 

After eating full, I slept well and woke up. I feel bad for Lea last night, so I decided to show her my cuteness.
”Nea, like!” (Lea, I like you!)
The maids were excited when they saw me hugging her waist with my chubby arms, like two sausages. Lea’s mouth corner went up.

Meanwhile, the maid who looked at the door became stiff and soon all the other maids jumped. ‘Heuk. That’s the bad guy.’

The Duke of Dubbled and his lieutenant were staring at me. I hurriedly hid behind Lea and poked my head out.

“Li-little miss…” 

Both the lieutenant and the maid called me out in embarrassment.

But I shook my head

‘He’s really scary….’

What he said last night seemed to be a knife cutting through my throat. The lieutenant, who was sweating, said awkwardly. 

“Let’s call her name sweetly. So that the baby can relax.”


The Duke was quite silent. He stared at me and frowned for a moment. And I shook my head inwardly.

‘Uncle, that bad guy doesn’t know my name.’

In the last ten days he has never called me by name. He only calls me pony, you, little kid, etc. You must have never read my papers sent by the Empress Dowager.

“Le Blaine,” the Duke called my name. 

‘You know my name?’

I was so embarrassed that I just blinked. The Duke had a famous story that he did not even remember Mina’s name that had been in the palace for more than three months. It was amazing that the Duke remembered my name.

‘But it’s not like he’s interested at all.’

The Duke spoke to me again

“Why, come here,” everybody in the room noticed me. I hesitated and leaned out slightly. 

“Are you gwoing two hit me?” (Are you going to hit me?)

“I never hit you.”

‘You’re hitting me with your words. With words.’

When I looked at him with a look of distrust, he popped out something. It was a lollipop.

“There’s a lot of this over there.”


I ran to him and hugged him. Somehow it seemed that there was an arrogant smirk hanging around his mouth. Yes, it would have been a surprise that a child sent by the Empress Dowager sneaked around the night. She’s also the one who tells the secrets of the Imperial Palace and the Order.

‘How many candies are there? He’s rich, there may be ten.’

He hugged me and strode in the castle. Every time they faced us, they opened their mouths wide and dropped their pens and broomsticks. It was a natural reaction for me, even though I was the one involved, to walk with the Duke. The Duke, who had already stopped walking, dropped me off in front of the door.

‘There must be candies here!’

I opened the door excitedly and went in. Then my eyes hardened and blinked. I swallowed dry saliva when I saw candies filled in the room. I glanced at the Duke. 

‘Can I really eat all of this?’

When I looked at him with such eyes, the Duke said with a dry voice.
“Eat as much as you want.”
‘Oh, my God!’

I rushed to the pile of candies. The colorful candies were full enough to swim in it. Often there were things like a packaged chocolate or marshmallow. I tore off the golden shiny wrapper and ate it.

‘…. It’s so good.’

The Duke frowned after being shocked for a while. I had no time to mind such a thing. Do rich people eat this delicious thing every time? Sweet and sour lumps quickly melt in your mouth, and the fruit syrup in them comes with a tip of your tongue.

I ate it like crazy. Every time I chewed; my cheeks shook in my small hand. I quickly finished one and found another candy. This time it was a stick candy. I was trying to put the candy in my mouth when I felt a strange glance and hesitated. 
And then I glanced at the Duke. 

‘If you eat alone, you’ll be loathsome.’

Didn’t you realize when you were a beggar? Even a single food used to be shared and affection was created. 

So, I sneak out a candy to him. 

“I’ll gwive it two you.” (I’ll give it to you.)

He glanced at me with strange eyes and narrowed them down.

“Why? “

I snorted and he slowly opened his mouth.

“You look strange.”


I feel like my cheeks are going to burst.

‘I’m gonna hit you with a candy pretending to be a mistake.’

I thought about it, but I think about my goal and calmed down. 

‘I really need the help of this bad guy if I don’t want to die as miserable as my previous life.’

I’m really building up a good relationship. Although I was stupid at the time and the result was not good, this time I have experience. I thought to myself and jumped into his arms.

“Dyuke, twank you fow thwe candwies.” (Duke, thank you for the candies.)

The Duke was shocked but then he started to laugh.