It happened when Boone grinned.


Urso’s hand was twisted bizarrely at some point and,


He flew off and bumped into the wall.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!

A crushed chair flew above his head, under his feet, and into his arms. Like a dart.

It happened so fast there was no time for him to scream

‘Oh wow…’

I admired what Boone did, but Urso was on the verge of collapsing.

In the chapel, only the footsteps of Boone echoed slowly.

He gazed at Urso, whose face was looking blue with eyes dull.


Urso’s eyes grew round. It was only after hearing his voice that he knew, Boone was a man.

“Is it better for the scrotum to be crushed, or is it better to bend the penis?”

“Wha, what… what…”

“Oh, don’t worry. If you don’t like both, there’s also a way to pop your buttocks, bastard.”

Urso, who turned pale, looked urgently at the door.

“Ou, out there! Anybody out there?! Hey! Help me!”

He shouted, but it was quiet outside.

‘If someone was coming, they would have come already.’

The presence of the knights in front of the door disappeared when Urso entered. He must have bribed the knight in the chapel to shut up.

It was causal retribution.

“Who, who, who are you? An assassin sent from Dorie Farm? Or by the village chief? Uh, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. I’ll give you three times the gold they paid!”

“You must have saved a lot of money. I don’t know how much you’ve stolen from the surrounding area.”

But Boone was not impressed at all. He held Urso’s neck up and raised his other hand. His fingernails stretched long, sharpened like blades.


I ran out quickly.

Urso’s eyes went wide as if they could fall any time soon.

“Ywo can’t kill him now.” (You can’t kill him now)

“But there are people in the world who are not worth living.”

“I know but ywo cwan’t (I know, but you can’t.)”

This man was supposed to check my divine power.

If anything happens to Urso ahead of the rechecking, they’ll think that Dubbled did it to monopolize my divine power.

Boone looked displeased, but soon let go of Urso’s neck.

Urso was dropping down the wall, as he fell to the floor.

“Ch, Child of Fate?”

Then he looked at Boone like he’s going to tear him apart.

“Oh, so you’re Dubbled’s escort. Why are you here? You dare to try and hurt a priest?!”

“Seems lwaik this pewsom hasn’t figuwed out the sitwuatuon yet.” (Seems like this person hasn’t figured out the situation yet.)

Urso, who was shouting with harsh words, looked at me with wide eyes.

He must have realized that I wasn’t just a kid.

“You, you…”

I looked at Boone.

“Bweat him up, but not too mwuch just enough for him to make a convowsation.” (Beat him up, but not too much just enough for him to make a conversation)

Urso’s face hardened, and Boone’s face brightened.


“Dowie Farm, Rotwail, Panjiwene, village chief, Baron Panoch.”

I pinched my fingers, calling out the names of the people Urso had stolen from.

Then she looked at Urso, who looked pale and tired.

“This is it?”

“Yes, that’s it!”

“You’we lying to me. Awe you joking?”

When he glanced at Boone, Urso flinched and muttered,

“To Modeland Hospital and some of the money lenders ….”

He must’ve stolen a lot.

I looked at Boone again. Then Urso shook his shoulder as he was about to be beaten up again by Boone.

‘Boone, can you make a ‘contract’ even if you didn’t call the devil yourself?’

I asked inwardly, and Boone answered silently.

[If you don’t need my powers, you can use your divine power to sign a contract.]

Boone’s speciality was in necromancy. He could call out a dead soul.

“Can the pwiest awso sighn a contwact with the dwevil?” (Can the priest also sign a contract with the devil?)

“Every type of human being can initiate a contract with me.”

I nodded, as Urso’s face was struck with astonishment.

“De, devil….?”


“The Child of Fate calls out the devil. What a terrible thing?!”

“I think you’we no bettew than me, you’we been pocketing people’s money.”

“How is it worse than calling out a devil?! I will only be dismissed, but you will be in prison!”

I answered with a smile.

“It’s okay. You will sign a contwact whetew you want it ow not.”

“I must be going crazy…to make a contract with the devil…!”

When Urso shouted, Boone grabbed him and dunked him to the floor.

“If you raise your voice anymore in front of the child, I won’t be patience with you.”

Urso breathed in and became weak.

I squatted down and looked at Urso.

“Don’t worry. You’we not on the losing side in this contwact.”

“Wha, what can I get if I sign a contract?”

“You can’t die here and you can go out.”

I laughed brightly.

“Look, it’s not your loss, is it?”

He couldn’t say a word, and his expression was dim.

I looked at Boone.

“Give me a contract.”

Boone looked a little dissatisfied. But soon he sighed.

I told him the contents of the contract.

1.Urso can’t tell anyone what happened in the chapel today and the identity of LeBlaine.

2. Urso has to give back all the money he has taken from his people.

3. When all the contract conditions are kept, LeBlaine will not kill Urso.

“One last thing.”

I whispered a fourth condition in his ear.


The next day.

I dozed off while Lea clothed me.

“Are you tired?”

Lea asked with a worried look on her face, so I nodded.


“Do you want to go to the medical center?”

I quickly shook my head.

“It’s okay, I just feel sweepy.” (It’s okay, I feel sleepy)

“We’ll go back to Dubbled this evening. I’m going to take out a new comfy blanket for you.”

“Give me stawbewwies, too.”

When I spoke earnestly, Lea smiled and kissed my cheek.

“I’ll put a lot of cream on it.”


I clasped Lea’s hand, shouting “Hooray” inside.

When I stepped outside, the priests from the central church had already arrived.

“We finally meet, little miss.”

When the two priests greeted me, the young priest looked at them in amazement.


In a brief summary of the church of the Wigentra Empire.

The pope and cardinal were placed in the Vatican.

The central church was protected by 21 priests and small and medium-sized churches stretched like tree trunks throughout the empire.

The position of Priests belonged to neither commoners nor nobles.

Even though someone was born a commoner, they enjoyed the right of a nobleman if they became a believer.

Among such priests, the central church, where only the most outstanding people were selected, was the object of admiration.

Back then, everyone found out that I was a fake, so I didn’t know that the priests of the central church could behave like this.

‘Until my 9th birthday, I was treated nicely.’

I was even taken to the Vatican once just because I fell and scraped my knee.

However, when I failed to improve my divine power to the level they wanted on my ninth birthday, their attitudes changed.

They were totally disappointed, not a single man, even in the church, regarded me as the Child of Fate.

It was around that time that the Duke of Vallua began to abuse me.

We headed to the front room for the recheck.

Urso was there in advance.

Priests from the central church, who saw him wearing a bandage, clucked their tongues.

“Please be more careful on this important day….”

Urso looked at me with a gaze that contained a lot of emotions, but soon avoided my eyes when I glared.

As soon as I went up to the circular platform that was present in the room, the priest of the central church said, “We’ve checked your divine power before. If you sit still and count until 100, it’ll be over soon, so don’t worry.”

The priest said soothingly.

Behind me, Lea made a clenched fist to cheer me on.

Two of the central church’s priests and Urso encircled the platform. With one knee bent, the bowed ones began to pray. My body was getting hotter, and I swallowed.


After the checking, the faces of the priests who left the room were bright. It was a clearly different scene from my first life when my divine power hovered at the bottom.

“I was really worried that the Child of Fate may lack divine power. Finally, her divine power improves, I’m glad.”

“I’ll hurry back and tell them the good news.”

The central church priests emphasized Urso’s role as the leader of the northwest church.

The church in the northwest was in a festive mood after the priest of the central church returned back to Vatican.

As long as the Child of Fate was real, the status of the northwestern church could be compared to the central church.

“If only the Child of Fate grows safely, wouldn’t we be able to move her to our side?”

“No problem. But the first beneficiary would be the central church.”

“Wouldn’t it be better for Urso, to be the first beneficiary?”

“Yes, now all the churches around here must be bent on taking over that child’s education. We need to secure her first…”

But Urso went into the room, closing the door roughly without answering.

The priests shook their heads, clucking their tongue.

“In the meantime, Urso…”

“Yes, he doesn’t seem to know what’s important.”

“It’s lamentable.”

Urso, who was listening to the voices of the priest outside the door, violently struck the desk.

‘I need to be the beneficiary? Bullshit!’

If they know what I did back then, I would be taken to a trial.

‘I manipulated the Child of Fate’s result!’