Viscount Roman secretly summoned the vassals.

“We have to bring Theodore Dubbled down, and kill the Child of Fate for Dubbled’s future!”

However, Roman’s words did not appeal to the vassals.

“Is that necessary?”


“I’d rather see it as a good thing. We own a leash for the Duke.”

“She’s a fake! A commoner!”

“Well, that’s also a rumor.”

A vassal who said so, smiled and looked at others.

“Did you not witness the kindness our little miss performed last time?”

“It was amazing.”

“She has also been confirmed to have increased her divine power. Apparently, the church is overjoyed.”

“In fact, it’s very rare for people to increase their divine power.”

The vassals, who said they would never acknowledge LeBlaine as the Dubbled’s family, changed their minds, and all kinds of praise were given to her.

“No one is as lovely and generous as her.”

“No matter how small a child is, they can distinguish between evil and good, it is clear that she’s an angel descended from heaven when she saved us, even though we did that.”

“These person…!!! Get a hold of yourself. The little girl is not a Child of Fate, but a demon who has swayed the Duke!”

The other vassal shouted, “Oho!”

“You’re talking too much!”

“Your life was saved by the little miss; you should be a little grateful!”

The vassals work together and drove Roman out.


After dinner, the Duke summoned me to the office.

I stood in front of him and glanced at the Duke.



“Why don’t you give me a flower ring?”


When I looked at him, he pointed to Henry and Isaac, who were smiling brightly.

They stretched their hands and were looking at it all day, saying, “Flower language of love” and “LeBlaine’s love.” and finally, that fell into the Duke’s ear.

I pointed at the Duke’s index finger.

“Dyuke thewe’s a ring hewe.” (Duke, there’s a ring here.)

I said while pointimg to Dubbled’s seal on his index finger. Soon he removed the ring and threw it at Nos.

“No, there’s no more ring.”

Can he throw it like that…?

It was an amazing sight because back then, Duke Vallua held the seal almost like it was his honor.

‘It’s too late to find a violet.’

I was wondering what to do and found a yellow tulip stuck in a vase.

I brought it and made a flower ring for him.

The tulip had a thick stem, so I couldn’t tie it into a ring, so I changed it to a bracelet.


After completing the flower bracelet and putting the seal on Nos’s hand, I sighed.

The Duke glanced gently at the flower bracelet I made.

‘What if he doesn’t like it after trying?’

I don’t know if it’s a flower ring made of small flowers, but such a large bracelet seemed a bit burdensome.

The Duke looked at the brothers. Then he raised his arm.

“Mine is bigger.”

‘Stop it!’

“That’s twice bigger than yours.”

‘Stop it.’

“Isn’t mine prettier?”

‘Stop that mouth!’

I got second-hand embarrassment from him.

I panicked and looked at Henry, Isaac and the others

Lea and the maids were envious, squeezing their handkerchiefs, and Isaac was angry.

“But I got it first.”

As the child talks, the Duke’s mouth corners went up. Isaac was angry and didn’t know what to do.

But Henry was quiet.

‘As expected, Henry is the normal one here.’

Fortunately, Henry smiled brightly and saw the Duke.

“Yellow flower means love in vain.”


“The flower language of purple violets is love.”

Henry stare at the ring gently, and the Duke hardened.

Then Isaac smiled, alternately looking at my purple violet flower ring and the Duke’s yellow flower bracelet.

“Aha, vain love.”

After the Duke stare at it with a cold gaze, I tried hard to appease him.

“Bwaine doesn’t understwand flower language.” (Blaine doesn’t understand flower language.)


“I’m going to make flowew ring tommowow. Two!”

The Duke’s expression softened only after I promised to make two of it.

I sat on the Duke’s lap and sighed.


Why does it feel like I’m raising children?

The Duke gave me a glass of orange juice.

“Drink it.”

He said with a friendly voice.

While I was drinking juice, the Duke fixed my messy hair.

“Are you sick? You’re sweating.”


It’s because I’m trying to keep Boone all this time.

The first time Boone appeared, I thought It was going to be hard, but it was bearable to have the Etwal around my neck.

“Your Excellency!”

Viscount Dubos rushed into the room.

“What’s the matter?”

“There was a problem with the Spinel mine on the top of Celbon.”

“What’s the problem then?”

“The volcano erupted and buried the mine in lava.”

Viscount Dubos continued with a frown.

“Now… We’re at war with the Kingdom of Kruger, and if we don’t get the Spinel, we’re not going to win.”

Kruger was a renowned nation for its powerful mage army.

Since the mage covered Kruger’s knights from behind, the opponent must use Spinel (a stone that can contain divine power) to build a defense line.

‘This is what happened this year.’

But why did the Dubbleds prepared for Kruger’s battle?

It should have been Duke Amity who entered this battle.

‘Did they give up the battle because they couldn’t have enough Spinel?’

The Spinel mine did not eventually recover.

So since then, the price of Spinel has soared.

Even if it was expensive, it would have been somehow obtained with Dubbled’s fund, but the problem was that they would not be able to secure enough quantity to give all the Spinels to the people in battle.

‘After the Spinel mine, it is the church that supplies the most Spinel.’

The church must have sent Spinel to Duke Amity to keep the Dubbleds in check.

The Duke summoned the vassals at once.


The vassals shared their opinions for hours, but there was only one answer.

To get help from the church that supplies the most Spinel besides the Spinel mine.

Viscount Dubos made a contact with the church.

I glanced from the Duke’s lap at the vassals waiting for a conversation with the church.

A familiar voice came from the magic stone that the magicians connected. It was Adolf who had a bad relationship with Dubbleds.

[I’m sorry about the situation at Dubbled, but we’re also in trouble because of poor supply and demand for Spinel.]

On the surface, he looked troubled, but couldn’t hide ridicule from his eyes.

Viscount Dubos tried to contain his anger.

“His Majesty the Emperor himself has issued a war decree to Dubbled. Without Spinel, this war will kill all of our soldiers.”

[If you really want it, it’s not like there’s no other way.]

“What is it?”

Viscount Dubos’ face brightened.

[If His Excellency directly ask to the Pope, how would the Merciful One reject the request?]


The vassals hardened.

I took a look at Adolf, who was only smiling gracefully.

‘Adolf’s always been a jerk.’

He regarded Dubbled, who unlike other families was not afraid of the church, like a thorn.

Deliberately sending him out to negotiate to the church was probably them trying to capture Dubbled’s leader.

He doesn’t want to give us a Spinel anyway, so stop.

The Duke stared, and tapped the table slowly.


“Yes, Your Excellency.”

“Take LeBlaine. It’ll be too much for a kid to hear about the conversation.”

I left the room quickly.

“I’m going to go awone, Nos, Dyuke.” (I’m going alone, Nos, Duke.)

I sent Nos back to the conference room and walked the hall alone to get back to the room.

‘It’s weird.’

[What’s wrong, child?]

‘I feel like I’m forgetting something.’

I think I heard something about Spinel.

‘No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn’t think of it. What was it?’

It was when I turned around the corner while worrying about that.


I bumped into someone.

Sitting down, I rubbed my forehead and raised my head.

“Are you all right?”

When I saw the man who bumped into me, I opened my eyes wide.

Though old, he has broad shoulders and a fine wrinkled face.

When he was young, he was probably a man who would have had a bunch of admirers.

‘He must be the chairman of the senate.’

As he shrugged his shoulders, the chairman said.

“You must have been surprised.”


“Come on, I’ll get you up.”

He raised me up and stared at me.

His eyes were sharp, as if he was looking inside.

Since he is a powerful person who’s not friendly to me, I feel very tense.

I looked at him slowly.

“You are as lovely as I have heard.”

“Twank you?”

When I asked if I should say thank you, the chairman’s eyebrows went up.

“Lord Noanoke!”

A familiar voice came from afar.

It was Roman himself, the elder who tried to drive me away by influencing the vassals.

He frowned at me as he hesitated.

“What are you doing here? And what kind of tricks are you trying to do…!”


At the words of the chairman, Roman clucked his tongue.

“Let’s go. The vassals are gathering on the Spinel case.”

As Roman spoke, the chairman glanced at me and took a few steps.

Roman himself grumbled and followed after him.

“What is the Child of Fate doing here. Ever since she came here, all sorts of misfortunes have come.”

“If you make fun of her at the castle, your tongue will be pulled out.”

I looked at the two and murmured, “Ah!” in a small way.

‘I remembered.’

Where I have heard the Spinel story!