“They said that the dead Noanoke’s son was crazy. He was looking for a reclaimed site for Spinel, touched the holy tree, was cursed and died.”

“But they said it could all be rumors.”

“What do you mean?”

“In fact, Noanoke’s child was intelligent. At an early age, he became the head of the Senate. Why would he go crazy?”

I’ve heard such rumors clearly in society.

‘I don’t know if it’s real, but it’s worth checking.’

It is okay to call out the soul with Boone’s abilities, but it is a waste to use the devil abilities that way.

‘He knows his son best.’

I decided to trust the chairman.


The next day, I put my hands on the wall at the corner of the corridor and looked around.

The meeting lasted from yesterday and barely ended just a moment ago.

I watched the vassals rushing out, but there was no chairman in sight.

‘That means he’s still in the conference room.’

Sure enough, the chairman was walking from the end of the hall as expected.

I ran to him with a happy look on my face.


“…Little miss, why did you come all the way here?”

“To see gwandfather.”


He looked at me, narrowing down the middle of his forehead.

“You helped Blaine yesterday. I’m gwoing to say thank you.”

I blurted out the words to him, talking as childish as I could.

He stared at me and opened his mouth.

“There’s no need to.”


I asked him in amazement, and he laughed.

“You lwook so sad, pwease take this.”

This was the most delicious chocolate even in the candy room that the Duke made. I ate many of it, and there’s only one chocolate left, I let it go.

“Then, shawe with Bwaine.” (Then, share with Blaine.)

“You don’t have to.”

“But you’we skinny, the othew gwanpa has big stomach.” (But you’re skinny, the other grandpa has big stomach.)


“I’m wowwied.” (I’m worried.)

Although she had a sneaky intention, it was true she was worried because he was so thin.

The chairman’s wife left the world early, and his only son also followed her years ago.

Though there were servants in the mansion, no one would have cared for his health with genuine concern.

Maybe that’s why he looks so skinny.

In addition to that, other vassals said he skipped meals because he’s busy with meetings several times.

I took off the wrapping paper of the chocolate, cut it in half, and held it out to him.

The chairman’s eyes glanced at the chocolate for a moment.

Soon, the chairman received the chocolate from me and asked carefully.

“That’s sweet. It’s been years since I’ve had this. I’ve tasted it a few times while my son was alive.”

‘Yes! Tell me more about your son!’

I quickly talked to him.

“I know. Hwis name is Louis, wight?”

“How do you know my son?”

“He’s vewy smart. Lwike Henly and Isaac.”

“Yes. My son went to the academy at the same age as the brothers.”

This has set the stage for the topic I want.

The chairman seemed happy to talk about his son. Because no one would have asked about his son.

The chairman is as terrifying as the Duke of Dubbled. No one would have gone to chat casually with him. I talk to him under the pretext of seeing the chairman off and asked him about his son in detail.

“Henwy is good at math, Isyac is good at swowdmanship. What is Louis good at?”

“My son did geology research in college. It’s to examine the nature of the land.”

“I see.”

“He wasn’t interested in family affairs or politics. I didn’t like it. So, I’ve been pushing him a lot…”

The chairman’s eyes were moist.

Most of the parents who sent their children first regretted it like this.

“He would’ve lived more happily if I hadn’t pushed him.”

I held his hand slightly because I felt sorry for him.

“No. Louis loves his fwater.”

“How does the little miss know that?”

“Because Bwaine doesn’t have a mom and dad, so I know.”

I answered casually.

“If the kids with mom and dad fall down, thwey can call their pawents. The kids who don’t have it can’t. That’s really sad.”


“Blaine didn’t have anyone to miss. But Louis has. It’s bwetter to have a mom and dad thwan nothing.”

I looked at the chairman.

“Grandpa loves Louis so much, so Louis loves you vewy much too.”

The chairman’s hand that being held by my hand was strained.

‘Oh, no, this isn’t the time.’

I have to ask about the Spinel.

I waved a hand to the chairman, who is staring at me blankly.

“If Louis stwudied the land, do you know what kwind of land the gems are made from?”

“Yes. He said he found the Spinel landfill. It was because he was in a carriage accident while on the way to check it. If it wasn’t for that, he would have found it.”

“By the way, people say Louis lied….”

When I asked carefully, the chairman’s eyes were distorted.

“The carriage accident destroyed all the data he had, and I just can’t prove it.”

“I see.”

“Yes, I still can’t forget my son’s expression who was happy to find Spinel’s landfill.”

The chairman was a man who put reason before emotion.

If such a person can answer so firmly, he must be convinced that Louis Noanoke really found the landfill.

‘Then all I have to do is hear it from him myself.’


That night.

I lay in bed pretending to be asleep, and only after Lea left the room, I sneak out of bed.

I looked at my surrounding.

‘All right, there’s no one.’

I caught Etwal and said to myself,

‘Boone, emerge as a human.’

Then a glimmer of light gathered around Etwal in several curves, and a bouquet appeared before my eyes.

I smiled brightly as I looked with eyes full of anticipation.

“Have ywo been waiting lwong for the jewels?”

“Waiting is fun.”

He tapped me lightly on the cheek with his fingertips….

I took out the goddess’s tears which was hiding in my pocket and held them out to him.

Boone looked at the jewel in my hand Then he put his hand on his forehead with the jewels very carefully.

“Finally, my master…”


I blinked in confusion but Boone bent down and said,

“You have granted my wishes, so I will grant your wish as well. Now, what’s your wish?”

“Cwall Noanoke’s son.” (Call Noanoke’s son.)

Boone’s eyes are looking at me gently.

He kissed me lightly around the eye. At the moment, my head went spinning. I felt like I was hurting all over.

The white moonlight that came through the window broke down along with the outline of the Boone. Soon he faded away.

[Someday, little miss… when in need…… Let’s meet again.]

A friendly voice flowed through the room.

And what I saw in front of me–

“Little miss, I’m here.”

It was a chubby man with a bald head.


I blinked in astonishment.

I was looking at him, wondering if he was really Noanoke‘s son. Then, he said while scratching his head.

“I’m Louis Noanoke. I came under your command.”

“Boone, have only just gwo…?”

“There is a completely different flow of time between that place and this place. It may be a very long time for me, but it may be a blink of an eye for you.”

When he said so, he asked with an embarrassed look.

“Are you disappointed? Most of the people have that look the first time they met me.”

“No, I’m not disswapointed. I’m just suwprised.”

The chairman is a handsome man who has a sleek appearance and an elegant atmosphere.

But Louis Noanoke has a gentle bear aura.

“You look a bit diffewent, but it’s similar if I lwook at you more.”

Louis Noanoke smiled at my words.

“Thank you. But why did you find me?”

“Louis, you know well abwout Spinel, don’t you?”

Then his eyes twinkled at once.

“Yes! Spinel on this continent is special. Unlike Spinel elsewhere, it’s possible to carry the divine power. I did some research to see if it was because of the difference in the environment. At first, I compared the density of the soil, and this is really interesting!”

He then lined up a series of difficult explanations. I’ve been listening to his story for nearly a dozen minutes, and I have no idea what he’s talking about.

“Jwust to the point!”

“Ah…. The habit that my father hated came out again.”

He smiled and scratched his head.

“The conclusion is that there’s a Spinel mine but no landfill.”


I opened my eyes in amazement.

“There is no place in the world where the Spinel itself is buried. It’s just a natural metamorphosis.”

He said with his three fingers up, “There are three conditions: a volcano, an Elsa tree habitat, and a divine power.”


“In places that fit these three, the rock is transformed into Spinel with a certain probability.”

Oh my god.

So, you’re saying that if you just bury the rock in the ground, you’ll be able to generate Spinel indefinitely?

Is this how it feels to find a mine that won’t run out of diamonds?

Louis Noanoke said to me with an ecstatic expression.

“Currently, there is only one undisclosed location that meets the conditions. In the Dubbleds.”

‘I got a jackpot.’