He held his forehead when she finished talking.

“Is all the luck that happened in Dubbled what you intended?”



He had a truly astonished look on his face.

“Anyway, I nweed your help.”

Then I took out Seria’s bounty pocket that I had left under my feet.

“You can buy with twis.”

With his forehead clenched as if he was organizing his thoughts, Noanoke soon opened his eyes.

‘Will you do me a favour?’

No matter how much she threatened with Louis’s soul, it might not work.

As I looked at him nervously, the chairman asked,

“Can I see Louis again if I do it?”

“I cwan’t do as I want…”

“How come?”

“I accidentally called the dwevil, so I don’t think I can call him twice.”

“Are you suggesting that there is a possibility?”

I didn’t understand everything Boone said last time, but he said I could see him again.

So, there is a way to meet again.

Besides Boone, there are probably other devils that can bring out souls.

If I summon him, I can grant his wish and call Louis.

When I nodded, I looked into the chairman’s eyes.

He got up from the gazebo and lay low at my feet. He tried to put his forehead on my foot.

This is that. A pledge of loyalty that Nos made to me!

I didn’t want to be the owner of the Dubbled’s second-in-command.

“I, Jean March Noanokeㅡ”

“No! Don’t do that!”

“Greetings to the new Lord--”

“That’s enough!”

“I greet—"

I ran away from the gazebo before he made a greeting.

No, I just need him to bring the Spinel, but why does it come with a pledge of loyalty?


“Jean Marc Noanoke greets my new lord.”

“Will you please stwop?”

He had been chasing her around for days.

The chairman of the senate keeps following her around and everyone is looking at her.

I got tired and looked around at the employees glancing at us.

They might not have heard us because we were far away, but they looked very curious about why the chairman of the Senate kept chasing me like a puppy.

“Jean Marc Noanoke…”

Seeing him with a bored face, I was stunned to find the elders coming from behind my back.

It becomes annoying when even the elders notice our relationship.

I whispered to him.

“Act serious, huwwy.”

When I spoke, the elders approached us.

“What’s the matter, chairman?” asked Roman himself, the chairman said,

“Not a big deal.”

“You look uncomfortable. I’m afraid there’s something wrong.”

“It’s not.”

When the chairman turned around, Roman smiled and followed him. Despite his busy schedule, Roman did not give up trying to pick a fight with her.

“What did the Child of Fate do to make you this angry?”


“Anyway, she’s a stupid kid, hahaha!”

Just then.

“What did you bastard just say?”

Just in time, Isaac, who came to me, murmured coldly. As if he had come right after the training, he had a wooden sword in his hand.

I quickly pulled Isaac as fast as I could.

And change the subject.

“Awe you training alone today? What about Henly?”

“Brother is searching for an ancestor’s book.”


“To pressure the church. No, more than that the people······!”


As I looked up with my eyebrows drooping, Isaac sighed.

“You’re too nice.”

No way.

Roman himself should still be safe. Because-

‘The Spinel is in Roman’s land’

I laughed inwardly.

Nothing should happen to Roman if they wanted to trade the land.

And if we find Spinel there, he’ll be rolling around with regret.

It was worth much more than a few words that Viscount Roman had just told me.

‘And to be honest, I don’t even feel like dealing with it.’

Isaac looked very sad that he couldn’t beat Roman up.

“Isyac, let’s eat ice cweam.”

“…Can I feed you?”


I gently soothed as the child smile widely.

“Let’s go, now, cwome on, fwaster,”

I went after Isaac who was running.


Roman stamped the trade document with an excited face.

In addition to the land being near an active volcano, the thick roots of the Elsa trees were also entangled in the ground. Thankfully, the troublesome land was sold.

“But why are you buying this land?”

Roman asked.

“The paperwork is finished. I’ll go back.”

Roman’s lieutenant, who was waiting in front of the door, approached him after the chairman left.

“Did the chairman really buy the land? What is it for?”

“That is not a land that can be used as an agricultural land because of the location, even if all the trees of Elsa are pulled out. He did not tell me why. But…”

“Isn’t it obvious that he bought the useless land at a good price?”


“I’m sure it means he’ll trust and use me.”

He didn’t express it, but there was no other reason.

“Doesn’t the chairman keep me close to him than the other vassals? That chairman will like the plan I made for him.”

The scheme to kidnap the Child of Fate, hand it over to a slaving trade, and inform the church so that they can get their hands on her.

It was a brilliant scheme, as it would strengthen the church and its ties, and would allow them to carry Spinel into their hands for a powerful military force.

‘After the chairman had retired, he’ll hand over the chairmanship to me….’

I will command the world with Dubbled under my feet.

“Go and call mages who were easy to be bribed.”

“Why are you looking for them?”

“I’ll help the chairman.”

He smiled and the lieutenant looked at him in wonder.


A letter came to me. The maids delivered a letter with happy faces saying that it is my acquaintance.

Although the content was a normal greeting, it was completely different when I read vertically the first letter.

[I’m safe.]

It’s Seria.

She had made a successful deal with the church and had left the prison.

‘Okay, then we’ll have a hand and foot in the system.’

If the chairman buys the land and distributes the Spinel through Seria.

‘How much money will I have?’

While I was calculating, I was ecstatic to think of the countless feast of zeros.

‘I’m going to buy a really big house because I’m going to defect later.’

I’ll get a good cook and ask them to do French toast every day.

[Twis is Sese. A kwid in the garden give me a blue stwone. Then Bwaine, buy sometwing delicious and eat it. Bye]

Deliberately speaking like a child, the maids grabbed both cheeks and said, “Our little miss’s friend is too cute~”

“Did she give you a pretty blue stone?”

“Yes, yes. Buy a lot of delicious foods with it~”

I was a little nervous, but skillfully hid it.

“Let’s swend a letter back. Huwwy!”

The smart Seria would understand this much.

Lea, who wrote the letter, smiled and sealed it well.

“I’ll take it to the post office.”

“I’ll bring a fairytale book to read after I came back.”

“Little miss, it’s time for a snack.”

“It’s chilly, so I’ll have to bring some firewood.”

The maids got up to work one by one.

“I’ll be right back, so hang on,”

They said so as I waved to the departing maids. Then I crept to find the elephant bag and took out a sketchbook.

I pointed out the picture I had drawn in advance the other day.

Scissors on a yellow circle with gold coins.

‘I got the money.’

Scissor marks on the yellow-colored circle that depicts a person.

‘I saved a man.’

Then what’s left…

It was when I was about to turn it over to the next page.

My heart was pounding and I felt dizzy. I felt something was pushing me hard.

Soon, something like a black tentacle appeared under my feet.


I jumped down the other side to avoid it quickly. I ran quickly to the door, but just before I caught the doorknob, tree trunks came out of the ground and engulfed my body.


When even my eyes were covered by the black tentacles, my mind went blank.