Buy Lynn Cooks Things a bag of flour


Hey 👋 My name is Lynn and I have been taking on different challenges to further my skills in cooking/baking, content creation, and social media. 

I was laid off back in Aug 2020 and have been struggling to find my first job that’ll push me towards my career in digital marketing. I’ve decided the best way to keep me motivated and stay up-to-date with the latest trends was to start my own social media project! Hence, Me vs. Disney Foods was created on tiktok and now I will be expanding to Instagram as LynnCooksThings! 

My current challenges:

• Cooking Everything from the Disney Parks Cookbook 

• Recreating My Mom’s Recipes


Being unemployed, it difficult to constantly buy ingredients to continue these challenges. If you would like support me, please considering buying me a “bag of flour”! I noticed it’s the most basic ingredient in most cooking/baking and how quickly I’ve been going through flour. I know a bag of flour isn’t $5, but that $5 would also be covering other necessities such as eggs, butter, & milk! 

Thank you for your support and I’ll be continuing to deliver cooking content!