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We're Kath, Thomas and Jules, Directors of Somewhere, based in Scotland. We are a new social enterprise supporting the LGBTQ+ community through culture and enterprise projects


Our Somewhere: For Us magazine is our flagship project, launching soon! Please support us by becoming a member, and/or buying us a rainbow latte! All registered members will receive a copy of our new magazine, so don't forget to message us with address details!

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By subscribing to our monthly and yearly memberships, you are helping our magazine get off the ground, and creating two new funds to support LGBTQ+ lives across Scotland and beyond:

The Somewhere: Arts and Culture Fund

The Somewhere: Enterprise and Research Fund


We produce the annual Somewhere at the Fringe project, championing LGBTQ+ artists at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Your rainbow lattes make a difference here too!

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We've also created the Somewhere MBA LGBT+ Scholarship and mentoring programme with University of Edinburgh Business School!

ABOUT: Somewhere MBA LGBT+ Scholarship

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You've kickstarted our new LGBTQ+ funds!

Feb 17, 2020

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