Spirit led me to the Ruth Snyder case last night (no backstory at this time). I can't clearly see what's in this photo yet. Of course, I can, like most people, see some faces and "things" initially - not many, but some. However, I always have to keep in mind that I am human, and I initially only use my 2d vision to look at images, initially, like most people do when they look at pictures, and maybe even "see something." It may actually take some research before I discover what I initially saw that made me question it. However, I'm sure you can totally see why this photo grabbed my attention.

What I have found is, that I discover what I'm supposed to be seeing once I follow where I'm being guided to and researching things along the way. It's then that I get to find what Spirit is trying to reveal, usually by that "pause" when I first initially see something. It finally comes through more along the lines of 3d sight, instead of my natural human ability to see things in just 2d format initially.

For the most part, it seems to change into something revealed in 3d, but not always though. Sometimes, what you see is what you get that's trying to be reveled, as suspected. It does vary, honestly. Sometimes light is inverted and sometimes it's not. For example, sometimes the hole in the drapes is sometimes actually an eye marker in the photo, and sometimes it's an exact, inverted light source that determines where that eye fits into the other photo, like how the natural shading in an image would appear if inverted.

I think one thing we can all agree on, is that there's definitely something that appears odd when you first initially see this picture. And yes, I realize the actual "funny feeling" I get is being caused by the light source/flare/glare of the gas lights that are illuminating the courtroom. No, I'm not daft.

What actually needs to be understood in the making of a Soul Portrait here is, that that part of the equation plays ZERO role in how Soul Portraits By Spirit are developed, and is often what forms pieces of the actual Soul Portrait in total. It IS "just an apron hanging on an old door" to the outside observer, for example. However, it also can form a "marker" to line up the image with the photo; that's true. But, it's all just a part of a "bigger picture" usually that's not revealed until pointed out, and not really about all those mundane, little, minute details that we all just assume what we're seeing and constantly taking that bigger picture of things for granted.

Deem me crazy, if you will.. but I will continue to "see" what I'm intentionally (by now) being guided to find, as the facts just continue to add up, and theories were able to be challenged and proven to be "indescribable" as to how they could occur in such a manner, metaphysically more than logically.

Ps - I still have yet to find concrete evidence that this photo is an actual photo and not some other type of media source. I know Getty Images owns it, but that doesn't tell me much about it's photographic authenticity. Feel free to share some info if you know anything relevant.

Stay tuned,

Nikki G.