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I am a holistic healer, conscious life coach, freelance artist, and much much more. I have dedicated my life to the unification of mind body and soul, and the education of anyone who seeks to walk the Path. 
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Your support helps me continue my great work, helping people heal and reconnect to source and their divine purpose and you in turn are helping me do that! 
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I am an Alchemist, Herbalist, Artist & Witch, whose divine purpose is to use my knowledge, experience, and passion to help others heal their connection to Source, while supporting their evolution & integration of Mind, Body & Soul

I host single & group guided meditations, assist clients in shadow work & walking their true Path.  I offer private holistic & spritual counseling sessions; (for individuals, couples & families.) One on One Classes include Tarot, Magick Practices, Alchemy, Energy Healing (Reiki) & Herbalism. 8 Week SourceCode Healing Program

Healing the world one day & one person at a time, starting with You~