Buy Sam 'Speeks' Anderson a coffee


In January 2020 I released '2020 Vision' without any marketing budget or plan & it received over a thousand views & plays across Spotify, Twitter & YouTube.

Since then I've been putting my own money towards making more music which you can listen to here. I plan to begin Phase 2 in 2021 which will bring monthly releases with creative visuals as well as podcast & YouTube content that engages with the stories & craft behind the lyrics.

Producing quality music and engaging video is costly. I work for a small church in a deprived community so my budget is literally whatever my family can afford to spare every year.

If you think what I'm doing is a good thing and it will bless people, please consider 'buying me a coffee'.

Your support will allow me to create more, higher quality content for the YouTube & rap music community, for my local community & I hope for other churches and charities to use in their own work too.