Isn't that the truth?! How many times have you ran into a situation you didn't care for, and then realized you are the creator. You sigh, slump back in your chair and admit defeat on this one. Yes we create some interesting situations as humans. Fact is beating yourself up, and creating more blame isn't the answer. I have adopted a new habit that I thought might be fun to share!

When I come to the understanding that I have indeed created "this". I give it a full 30 seconds to ferment. And then I CELEBRATE! Crazy??? not so much. It has awesome long term effects! Once I get through that Oh No moment..... I change the energy around it intentionally, so I don't stay there in the wallowing. I literally celebrate the fact that NOW I know, and I wont do that same thing again!! I, on occasion, if I'm alone, will even do a little dance...LOL to make it official. And I mentally add it to the other lessons I have in the arsenal. Making it a big deal holds it better in your memory therefore teaching the subconscious what you really want. Trust me it works!!!!

Happy Fall Y'all !!