I've addressed this before, but of course its always a good discussion. Especially since I have a better explanation of WHY Judgement is not in your best interest.

First - when we (yes I mean we, I am human ya know!) judge another person, or situation, this is a mirror being held in front of us. What you are judging you are seeing in yourself. Be honest with yourself. Its crazy how that tiny voice creeps in, and tells you what to think, and you don't even know it. But that negative impression you had, when you saw your cousin last week, was actually how you feel about the 20 lb YOU put on last fall. As you walk by the mirror, what does that voice say? This is the judgement trap.

But let me get deeper on this one.....because this may help make the difference for you. Have you ever read John Randolph Price? (Amazing Author, check him out) He said it this way... To "judge" something is to believe it! To assume that it is true, to assume that it is factual. But we are told not to do this. Why? Because what appears as an effect has no value in itself. The only attributes that an effect has are the ones that you give it.

If you are judging someone or something, you are creating "IT" but for yourself!!!! Remember that mirror??? Yea. So what can you do to give up the Judgement? Well you can start out with yourself. Get off the self critic bandwagon. When you catch yourself, stop and ask yourself what you can do to change it, and if this is what your really need to be happy. Ask your Higher Self for a little nudge as well. You'll be amazed at the Results.

Love to hear your questions and comments!