I had an experience today that took me back in time a-ways.

For some time now, I've been dropping one of my granddaughters off at preschool/daycare in the morning. Everyday I see a young woman I had some business dealings with some years ago. Back then things did not go her way, and she was sour after that. It happens.

So every time I see her I shrug it off and go my merry way. But today was different. As I was pulling out of the driveway, she was entering. And I got a good look at her as she was turning into the drive. The look on her face was about the worst I had ever seen her. Even though she had her sunglasses on. For 1/2 a second I did my usual ..... ok whatever. And then I realized how bad I felt for her. How she is creating an unhappy life for herself and her young family, perhaps tolerating some circumstances at home, or at work. And I took a moment to say a quick Prayer for her, in hopes she finds a better way, a happier way.

No one should live life that unhappy. I reminded myself that even though I myself am going through some tough family issues right now, living in that negative energy adds to the stress and anxiety. Trusting the Universe has got this, has been my motto, for myself. And I'm finding it is so very beneficial. And so I hope and pray that she too will find a place to grow and be happy as well.

All a perfect reminder that we have no idea what someone else is carrying around. And no matter what, we make our own choices in how we react to them. And THAT is a reflection of our own life, our own experiences, and speaks highly to our level of consciousness. Many blessings to all.