Its been quite a month for me. From one end of the spectrum to the other! LOL But I have a great deal of old energy pouring out from past events all housed in July. So the healing has been on a whole other level. I'm declaring the next July to be a VACATION!

I'm rather looking forward to August, Lion's Gate..... and of course its just an all around powerful month for me. And since I manifested a shit show financially in July, I'm looking forward to the new energy I've been putting forth to clean that all up! One thing I struggle with to this day is the "control". It creeps back in on me every so often. I've been doing some massive affirmative prayer around this lately, so I'm also declaring this to be gone!!

I am sharing with you specifically these subjects, because aI think its important for us to remember that our evolution is not a one stop shop. The more conditioning and manipulation we have absorbed the more work its going to take. Of course there are other factors, but in general it just takes some time.

I hope you are all happy healthy and creating an incredible Daily Spiritual Practice, thats what propels us forward!

Love Connie