Well its been a few! That's for sure. The past 8 or 9 months has been a whirlwind, I feel almost as if I lost an entire year. Let me explain....

Some painful and dramatic circumstances arose, last Spring, and I ended up caring for a young granddaughter. I'm 61 btw, and she is going to be two next month. I have my hands full!!! LOL But I couldn't see myself allowing her to be put in foster care. So here I am..... let me tell you its been a whole ocean liner full of lessons. Lots of drama, lots of pain, sleepless nights, and there is a purpose to everything. So I get up everyday and move forward.

2022 was by no means a bad year. I finished my degree for Master Spiritual Psychology Coach, and took a month or so to think things over, but I'm now working toward my Ministerial/Bachelor's of Metaphysical Science Degree, which I hope to have late summer if not before. And by the end of 2024 I will have my Doctorate in Metaphysics with a specialty in Energy Healing and Bible Interpretation. So I have not slowed down!! Having a toddler around has just made it a WHOLE lot more interesting!!

So my goal for 2023 is to allow myself to be much more habitual, and schedule oriented, in addition to allowing consciousness to take more of a leadership role in my life. In a few short days I will also launch "The Spiritual Spah Podcast" allowing me another avenue to share the wealth of knowledge I've managed to collect so far. I cant wait!!!!!

I've also added a listing in "Heal.me" with more opportunity for people that are looking for a helping hand a place to find me. Is been a slow start, but we'll see how it goes.

Well that's a part of my plan for 2023, the rest is just monetization of all these platforms!!! With that being said, I hope you'll join in a buy me a cup of coffee when you resonate with my work!!! Hope to talk soon!!