Mar 15, 2023

Daily Dose

Ultimate lasting security can only be found in your oneness with the unchanging eternal security that is God. Through a daily practice of meditation, you can contact that part of you where your soul is one with God's Presence, which will fill you with security in both good times and difficult times.

Mar 10, 2023

Easter is Near!

I have decided to use this opportunity to share several links to all my "Parents " and "Grandparents" out there!If I haven't told you yet, my Inventory is pretty HIGH at this time. LOL I have 18 Grandchildren now! and 14 of them are GIRLS...... Yes my friends I have become a BARGAIN SHOPPER!! My problem is I try not to be Cheap. So I just look for the best prices. I have not done a ton of clothes shopping online until more recently. Quite frankly I have found... more

Jan 22, 2023


I've addressed this before, but of course its always a good discussion. Especially since I have a better explanation of WHY Judgement is not in your best interest.First - when we (yes I mean we, I am human ya know!) judge another person, or situation, this is a mirror being held in front of us. What you are judging you are seeing in yourself. Be honest with yourself. Its crazy how that tiny voice creeps in, and tells you what to think, and you don't even know it. But that... more

Jan 09, 2023

My Blueprint for 2023

Well its been a few! That's for sure. The past 8 or 9 months has been a whirlwind, I feel almost as if I lost an entire year. Let me explain....Some painful and dramatic circumstances arose, last Spring, and I ended up caring for a young granddaughter. I'm 61 btw, and she is going to be two next month. I have my hands full!!! LOL But I couldn't see myself allowing her to be put in foster care. So here I am..... let me tell you its been a whole ocean liner full of lessons.... more

Oct 07, 2022

Judgement of Others

I had an experience today that took me back in time a-ways.For some time now, I've been dropping one of my granddaughters off at preschool/daycare in the morning. Everyday I see a young woman I had some business dealings with some years ago. Back then things did not go her way, and she was sour after that. It happens. So every time I see her I shrug it off and go my merry way. But today was different. As I was pulling out of the driveway, she was entering. And I got a good look at her... more

Oct 05, 2022

Creating Your Own Reality is Hard Work!

Isn't that the truth?! How many times have you ran into a situation you didn't care for, and then realized you are the creator. You sigh, slump back in your chair and admit defeat on this one. Yes we create some interesting situations as humans. Fact is beating yourself up, and creating more blame isn't the answer. I have adopted a new habit that I thought might be fun to share! When I come to the understanding that I have indeed created "this". I give it a full... more

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