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Hello, there! I'm a 19 year old female who loved to craft poetry and stories, create art through the form of sketching and painting, and snap photo's of nature and animals.

I've always enjoyed being creative. At first it was sketching. Always had a sketch book out doodling. I remember when I was young I would draw penguins from Clue Penguin - it's such a shame the site was shut down that was my whole childhood right there - Then I started drawing Webkinz and slowly my style transformed into anime characters. 

Around grade 9 I started to write fanfiction, that's how I fell in love with writing and the craft of story telling. I took that passion with me and got into a fine arts school where I took a writing class within grade 11 and 12. That's where I found poetry and the rest was history. 

I'm currently working on a poetry collection along with two other novels that I'm hoping to get published. 

Thank you for buying me a coffee as I continue on with my goals.