Jan 31, 2023

Sky Dolly "Ethereal Embraer" (v0.14) - For the Big Birds

Sky Dolly v0.14 (“Ethereal Embraer”) has just been released. This release focuses “on the big birds”, namely improved 3rd-party aircraft support.ImprovementsControl surfaces such as flaps, ailerons, rudders, elevators and spoilers should work better with 3rd-party aircraft such as the PMDG 737 and IniBuilds A310Note that while there are also some improvements for the Fenix A320 the latest release 1.0.6 does not report some “simulation variables” as reliably... more


Dec 03, 2022

Sky Dolly "Dapper Daher" (v0.13) - Location Import & Export

Jul 31, 2022

Sky Dolly v0.12 - Locations

May 28, 2022

Sky Dolly v0.11 Released

I am happy to announce Sky Dolly v0.11 which brings a lot of "under the hood" improvements (among them reduced RAM usage), but also some new features and improvements of existing functionality:With the introduction of the GeographicLib (open source, third-party) the altitude differences ("undulation") between the WGS84 reference ellipsoid and the EGM2008 geoid are now properly calculated in the GPX and IGC import/exportThe CSV export plugin now supports a simple... more

Apr 09, 2022

Sky Dolly v0.10

Dear all,Sky Dolly v0.10 has just been released. It focuses mainly on the import & export plugin architecture and introducing new export formats such as GPX and GeoJSON.Usability and functionality for all import & export plugins has also been improved:Possibility to import all files (of the same format) from a given directoryExport of entire formations into separate or a common file (if supported by the file format, e.g. KML and GPX)Resampling of the data to be exported now... more

Feb 06, 2022

IGC Import Plugin

The just released Sky Dolly v0.8.6 introduces an IGC (International Gliding Commission) file format import plugin: IGC files are mostly created by flight recorders in gliders.So replay your real-world glider flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

Sky Dolly preview
Review by OverKill (YouTube)
Sky Dolly v0.5
Sky Dolly - The Black Sheep For Your Flight Recordings
Sky Dolly v0.6 "Logbook" - Database Support!

Oliver Knoll

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