I can hear the sound of the minds racking like a game of polarity pong. The famous tink of back and forth trying to find which is the right or wrong way to make a goal glow. The sensation of being pulled in a multitude of directions is inspiration, acknowledged. The data downloaded, now what! Which way! The boundaries of the board game have made it easy - start in the center.

  • Favor nothing

  • Expect nothing

  • Add nothing

Sit in the space of open to receive they say. It is here before we start adding to the possibilities we can hear the subtlest tones with spirit. The purity of presence. A pocket of peace.

The abundance of abilities within you is part of the reason spirit sent you such seeds of creation. Remember as an open channel, you still choose. There is no reward for saying yes to all. There is no punishment for saying, no. Remain responsible.

Communicate with creation is claimed! Have a conversation or two! Even if you have a million desires to help manifest on the earthly realm, the wisdom is knowing, living and breathing the commitment to such. This does not mean drowning in "too many" or "too much". Work wisely. Check in from time to time with the/your inspiration, integrity and integration. Where your energy is existing.

Consciously contemplate and choose what you can and care to experience in this fleeting yet foundational frame. With purity in place, present your perspective...

  • Add your energy

  • Add your emotions

  • Add your experience

ALWAYS appreciate and honor your own boundaries of being. Notice what stirs with short and long term excitement opportunities. Visualize the experience without placing perfection upon such a pure place. Surrender with softness to what you may lust but not be able to collaborate with at this time of "right now" If it is part of your deepest desires, blueprint or destiny, it will return by your call and connection, with love.

Step back. Spirit celebrates your understanding should you decide otherwise

TRUST. You are not alone. If you decline, the data will be/has been delivered to others (who will also have the chance to decide.) If it is not you, then celebrate another soul possibly creating with creation. REFRAIN from holding space to quiet ownership. This stifling ego energy creates blocks as one may, even un-admittedly, feel entitled to what is that is ultimately Universally interconnected. Free.

Step forward and speak soulfully with the seed of source. PRESS PLAY!

SO. If you are back and forth on something. Lets sit together in the center of game play of pong. We are here together to breathe life into both letting in and letting go. We remain responsible where our energy and emotions go. We are here in purity and peace. Breathe. Higher self and human.

I can feel the auras and atmospheres shifting as we individually decide to interact with inspiration, interrupt an old fashion fear or choose to proceed, practice, play and perform with inspiration. I hear our clear and creative claims in the realm of possible realities that will lead to more of what we choose, knowing we can fine tune along the way. This I celebrate with you. Thank you!

May this find you well.