Once upon a walk...

Gradually gaining momentum as you take your daily walk, step by step washing away the winds and whispers of things to do and what may need your attention next. You enjoy the space being cultivated with each corner turned, feeling breezes upon your cheeks and longed for luxury in your mind.

A sensation snapping around your ankle grabs your attention and you kneel down to tie your shoelace. Feeling the well worn laces roll around your fingertips, it revives a reminder of when you were a kid and your mom or dad would help you with such a task.

Tightening with a reassuring grip for an absolute knowing your sole security is reestablished.

Returning to a standing posture, rising to reap the rewards of a ground to galaxy deep breath your eyes see just up ahead some old iron gates that you don't recall being around here.

Wondering how you did not notice (or you would of surely chosen another space to stop and tie your laces!) your eyes cannot help but oscillate taking in the cemetery scenery with luscious overgrown trees, abundance of aged twigs and a subtle sound of wind chimes singing in the background. Your curious yet cautious gaze lands at the grandeur of the gates only to see the name "BURIED TREASURES" molded in a metal archway that will live forever.

The sun is slowly setting and you want to turn around to head home, yet in a trance like state, as if you are following the scent of a pie on a window, you have crossed the threshold and are now standing in this graveyard.

Gathering your wits about you, appearing before you are three fallen angels, lovingly loitering the crypts and tombs, waiting to be of service.

Your eyes widen and breath burrows deeply as you prepare to speak or be spoken to by one or all three of the angels, in an order that reflects your intellect, imagination and intuition.

You decide and step forward to your choice(s)





Haagenti (67)emerges from the mist and becomes clear. Working with the element of water and the planet Mercury you sense this totem like beast is a bull ready for a fight and will tug at any emotions that flood in or calmly watch them float by.

However upon connecting to the spirit of Haagenti you sense a familiarity of this symbol like the evangelist LUKE, who is believed to have been a physician. Such angel is a patron of the healing arts and sciences. Chemistry and alchemy being specialities to help change and transform one substance into another. Water into wine, metals into gold. Hurting to healing.

Haagenti mixes elixirs with elements you already have and reminds you of those resources near by. A transmutation totem here to help you with whatever your spiritual growth, healing, love interest or business focus is. Sickness TO health. Wonder TO wisdom. Poverished to Plenty. Whatever your truest desires are, haagenti will cut through the bull to get to the grit and get it done.

Haagenti is here to help you renew, restore and rejuvenate. Restoration like an old car can happen in many small moments over time and other times a planned project dedicating a weekend to a specific area or concern is the best way.

Take a moment to notice, see, sense and feel any artistry or symbols in the energy expression of this fallen angels to receive more insights and support on your own terms and time.


Furcas (39) quietly asks for you to approach his perch where he sits in contemplation. Speaking with a softness the sends strength through your spine with the fire element and planet Saturn by his side. Furcas appears as the seasoned old wizard carrying a sharp lance. At first he seems solemn and forbidding, but your energy knows he is a kind sage, wise in the land of herbs, crystals and more. He shows you images in his mind the philosophical thoughts that creatively keep him connected as a connoisseur of the arts and diviner of the future. You hold a conversation telepathically.

He favors you! With his serious nature starting to crease with an obvious smile, he opens up to show his playful grandfather like energy and together you talk aloud about any gifts and talents so he can help you achieve your aims without ruffling the feathers of envy from those who perceive you in a particular way.

Take advice from this ancient one (or others around you) who have your best interest at heart, as they may have experiences that educate and inspire you to play your way to a personal version of perfection

Take a moment to notice, see, sense and feel any artistry or symbols in the energy expression of this fallen angels to receive more insights and support on your own terms and time.


A mystical(25) Forneus wants to talk. A seemingly young angel yet wise beyond ones years of appearance with the element earth and planet moon working with this mystic. An angel that represents the art of rhetoric, including fluency in other tongues. This fallen angel is being asked to be seen and heard. Asking you to learn to read between the lines of any love interest, inquisitive interactions, business dealings or integrating ideas. Forneus leads with you to acquire a good reputation, popularity or adventure within so you may speak to the souls of many.

Retain respect as this angels totem beast is a sea monster signifying a deep knowledge about the subconscious, shadow side and the faults we ignore. If something is tripping you up, stop and regain personal composure before looking around for an outside influence to point out. Be honesty with yourself, this language will shift the landscapes for a smoother experience. They symbolic language of dreams may be heightened or a sudden interest in a subject matter to learn new ways of saying the same thing.

Be the lead in the language of love. Communicate clearly, be CARE- FULL and/or FULL of CARE. Remain holistically honest and ALL will go well and remain in your favor.

Take a moment to notice, see, sense and feel any artistry or symbols in the energy expression of this fallen angels to receive more insights and support on your own terms and time.


Standing back you see all three fallen angels together, floating by their post of purpose. Seeing all three at the same somehow expands each of their individual messages into something more that helps your destiny unfold.

Out of the corner of your eye you see that your shoelace has come undone again, with slight surprise given your prior effort, you bend down to take care of this silly matter.

As you rise from your forward fold you start to express your gratitude towards the graveyard guides and by the time you are standing tall, they are all gone and you are back on your path, taking your walk.

The End

This story has been inspired by the oracle deck FALLEN ANGEL and insights the author Nigel Suckling and photographer David Merewether offer. You can find this incredible deck at most online retailers should you connect with the mysterious and unique perspective of angels on the darker side that have a positive power and peace.