This one is less of a frivolous one... More of a deep thinking Wednesday Wisdom one! I've even included a semi controversial example at the end.

I'm going to attempt to do an analogy of how a lot of the issues in the world can be rationally debated using an analogy I've created about a bicycle in London. Good luck to me.

The background...

A lot of my newsfeed (and yours no doubt) is currently filled with hugely divisive topics and clickbait articles designed to rile people up and create outrage.

This is because those in the media know we, as people, are far more likely to interact with an article if we are compelled by outrage/anger/disgust. It's built into our dna (see the brown wiggly stick analogy in my previous posts).

So most topics are presented as binary issues. It's either one thing on the other. Good or Evil. Right or Left. Black or White.

But anyone with a healthy amount of braincells knows that most issues are nuanced to some degree.

And how things "are" is often different to how things "should be".

Of course underpinning the whole damn thing it's worth remembering that

Life Ain't Fair

I know that's a bit depressing to start off a post with.

But it's true. The world is far from perfect.

Sometimes the evil person gets away with it. Sometimes the cheats win. Sometimes the thief keeps the goods.

Anyway... here we go!

The "But it's my bike!" Analogy

If I cycle into town today with a friend and decide to go into a coffee shop for a coffee what do I do?

I lock my bike up outside.

Now think about this for a second...

Why should I lock my bike up?

It's MY bike. No one should take it. No one should steal it. No one should touch it. Because it's not their bike. So why would they do that!

But still I lock my bike up.


Life is not fair and the world isn't perfect.

There are bad people out there unfortunately.


We can apply this lens to a lot of the divisive issues we see around us at the minute and I find it useful in terms of offering nuance to hot button topics.

We SHOULD be striving for a perfect world and a place where people can leave their bikes unattended without fear of them being stolen. We should be actively taking steps to move in that direction.

But until we get to that time and place it's important to understand (not accept but understand) that we live in the world as it is and we need to take necessary steps.


Here's an example for you.

I was asked on an Instagram live what I think of Trans athletes (male to female) competing in female sports.

My response was as such (using the bike analogy)

In a perfect world there would be no barrier to trans athletes fully expressing themselves through sports on an even competitive playing field. I don't know what that even competitive playing field would look like from a physical standpoint but I would happily support it if it came to light.

However in the interim, until we get to that place. I think it is not "fair" (for want of a better word) to allow trans male athletes to compete in certain sports (i.e. non social or physically combative sports) as there is usually a vast phyiscal advantage over their biologically female counterparts.

And so certain protections must be put in place whilst we actively move towards that idyllic situation.

Life Ain't Fair

And in that time and space between where we are now and that idyllic balance utopia there are some people who will miss out/be denied opportunity.

In this example there will be people who can no longer play a sport that they love potentially.

And that is unfortunate, and not fair, but that's a reflection of life.

To End!

This became a bit of a rambling one toward the end.

But I ran out of caffeine and my brain got real foggy!!

And I don't like these serious deep intellectual pursuits but it's good for me to get out of my comfort zone every now and then.

I hope that the bike analogy offers you something interesting to ponder next time you come across a divisive and destructive topic.

What are the necessary protections in place because of the way the world it and what's that ideal resolution we are aiming for to make the world better!?

Have a great week