That's Donie...

Not Don or Donald.



It's only 7 days into the new year and 2021 is certainly trying its best to one up 2020.

Here I was thinking I had solved everything with my helpful and insightful email yesterday. Closed the laptop thinking "there you go now, everything will be fine cause of my great email offering advice"

I also thought - ha - wasn't it also kinda funny the way I made it seem like 2020 was the golden era and we'd look back at it fondly relative to 2021. That was a clever (albeit highly unlikely) joke...

Touche America. Touche. You win this round.

Way to make me look like an idiot.

I might note at this point - if you're looking for keen political analysis or serious sentiment you're reading the wrong email. I'm here to wish you well and provide a giggle amidst the madness all around us.

Continuing on...

At least there is one thing we can now all staunchly agree on - Intrepid Kerryman Donie O Sullivan who flew the Irish flag reporting during yesterdays madness has to be the next President after big Joe B!

You heard it here first.

Whatever's left of America in 4 years time will be run by Arch Supreme Grandmaster Donie.

His campaign slogan?

"Pure irish steel with a round headed sex appeal"

Even though he looks like he's selling farmyards in West Cork.

I'd vote for him

I can just picture the heartwarming acceptance speech now

"Ah sure it was grand to win all the same. Nice to be here in the White House. It's a lovely house but it's fierce big. It's gonna cost me a fecking fortune to heat it in the winter. Anyway sure you're all welcome round for a cup of tea but bring your own biscuits"

Donie 2024 - a cause which can unite all of us

Wherever you are in the world I hope you're well

Call your ma


p.s. this party political email was paid for by the committee to elect donie 2024. all rights reserved.