Then repeat it...

"Just have one good day. Then repeat!"

Decent quote isn't it.

I stole it from James Smith who in turn borrowed it from James Clear. Clearly James' carry the philosophical gene!

Regardless of its origin and the lack of James in my name it's a banging little message to start off the weekend and too good not to share.

Figure out how you can make today good - then try to replicate it tomorrow :)

It doesn't have to be rocket science.

It might be quality time with a loved one. A read of a book in the sun. A good cup of coffee. Guilt free chocolate. Playing with your dog. Singing along with the Jersey Boys soundtrack (my go to cure all!)

It might even be rocket science if the intricate details of aerospace engineering is what makes your day good.

But the important part of the quote to me is the active decision to have a good day. Be pro active in your seeking of happiness. Don't sit on your phone scrolling, waiting for something to happen - write a list of what's gonna make you happy today then find a way to ticks things off it

Kevin Kilbane scored a screamer agains the Dutch to qualify us for the world cup


P.S. for no reason here's a seal