Even though all the days are melting into one like some primordial lockdown ooze it still is kind of invigorating to come upon a Monday morning. Something about it represents a freshness every time it rolls around!

A chance to re evaluate. To start again.

For example I came nowhere near my goal of 2 hours singing a day last week. And I don't have a particularly good excuse for why not.

But here's the kicker - it's not going to stop me trying again this week. And if anything it motivates me even more to pull the proverbial finger out.

For a lot of people Monday is the dread of the impending work week. Deadlines looming and responsibilities and pressures galore.

This might very well be true...

Nonetheless if you can flip that narrative into challenges you've already won the week!!

Perspective baby!!!

How we view the world around us shapes our emotional state.

And that emotional state affects our energy!!

I'm bloody psyched for this week. It represents a chance to get even closer to those goals that I failed at last week



Try again.

Fail better!!

I can't wait for next monday already to boast about how I hit my 2 hours several days this week.

Magic Monday let's be having you

Hon' the boys in green


p.s. drink more water, go for a walk, get fresh air, read a book, have a stretch, touch a dog, hug a family member

all of those are free and are gonna kickstart your week